Marrying a woman with the same name as your sister

this is a bit odd, right?

My cousin (not been in touch for years after our fathers fell out) got married recently.  His wife has the same name as his sister.  So now his unmarried sister and his wife have identical names (and are both blonde, with blue eyes, and of a similar height).  His sister's name is not a common one.  So it's not a case of "oh, well, lots of people are called Sarah so this was always a risk...". 

This is a name that, at its peak, was barely in the ONS top 100 girls names.

Some chaps just aren’t very good at remembering names - maybe your man is just trying to avoid embarrassment 

My uncle married a woman with the same name as his twin sister. 

They got divorced. 

He then remarried. To another woman with the same name. 

We have nicknames for them all so that we know which one we’re talking about. 

I seem to have gone out with/ lived with a number of women in the past who all had the same name, thankfully none like either sister.

Chatting about past relationships with various mates called Dave it became clear that I needed a numerical to add to them, which has worked out pretty well.

Apart from MadSally, who theoretically should be Sally2 but I can’t get away from the original nickname.

Ex Mrs AD shares the same name as my sister (though look nothing alike).  What is the issue...

that post from ff makes me think that she is from Norfolk!

One of my m7s, dave, has married a lady called Noelle.  This is tricky because: 1) his bro is called Joel; and 2) it is very hard not to start singing Teenage Dirtbag when he talks about her

Coffers - not Norfolk although I do have some family over that way and they are even worse!! 

The heart wants what the heart wants. And it's a sisterfucker's world out there. 


Whatever. Does this really bother you?

I know a bloke called Ashley who married a girl called Ashley.

(They both identify as the same gender as their sex, so I'm OK saying that.)

THAT is fucking mental.

The fact that I have to justify calling them he and she.

Not the fact that they're both called Ashley.


All my grandmother’s husbands had the same first name

I went out successively with two ladies with the same name


friends referred to them  as "XXXX 1" and "XXXX 2".  thankfully not same name as sister. but it did make remembering them easier.

I have had 2 lots of boyfriends in my time with the same name 

I'm not explaining that well 

ive been out with 2 clives and 2 daves I mean 

(they were not called Dave or Clive)

I've a m8 who has the same first name as his wife.

I was disappointed when they chose a different name for their nipper.

My father has a m8 who has the same first name as surname. Now that's weird.

Evelyn Waugh's first wife was also called Evelyn. It didn't last long.

Always thought that Evelyn was an odd name for a bloke.

I am willing to bet there are a substantial number of roffers each of whom have the same first name as their dad (and his dad, and his dad and so on) none of whom ever actually go by that first name. 

An upper middle class cvnt identifier if ever there was one. 

It would be far weirder to pass up the opportunity to date someone you really liked or break off a relationship before it became serious just because the person had the same name as your sister.

But in this scenario it would make sense for the woman to keep her own surname.

But the wife is chattel and as such must take the man's name.  Issue resolves when sister gets wed...

Heh. Fuck you, ZG.

My Dad is Bob. I'm Rob. 

But, yes, both Robert.

Neither of my kids are Robert or Roberta, though. And my grand dad wasn't either.

The only people who seem remotely bothered by the fact that I haven't changed mine are all women, ironically.

I once met a man who told me that he hated his surname and always planned to take his wife's name when he got married, but in the end he didn't because his wife's brother had the same first name as him.

I asked him what his surname was (expecting it to be something awful) and he said "Clark". So I asked him what was wrong with Clark and he said, "It sounds like a duck that's having trouble laying an egg."

Never forgotten that conversation.

My old trainee is particularly woke - her now husband and her both changed their surname to something entirely new and unlinked to their respective previous...

A couple of my friends merged their surnames, e.g. Hardman + Woodcock = Woodman (obviously, you dirty perverts), but it doesn't work with very many combinations of names. 

Theirs was totally unrelated - e.g Smith & Jones = Kittens...

Yeah that seems a little bit pointless, but then again, if you want to share a name and merging or double barrelling your names doesn't work and you don't want one to take the other's name then it's pretty much your only option.

My immediate family all have the same first initial but we have different christian names.  Confusing though when official letters are sent to us just addressed to S Sails.

It is now time to out the Sails family.  His surname is Locks.  His first name is Benjamin.

He is Mr B Locks.  His entire family are B Lockses.