what is it?

m8 = mate.

what the fuck is m7 = mseven?



It's a way of addressing someone who is not in fact your mate

ah, that makes sense.

are you really from Radlett?  I'm from Shenley.

It came from some total square making a typo for m8 and her then trying to pass it off as deliber8,

No it's a character from a book 

Oh yes, so I see.  Fanny's best freind. 

Question marks, it so did not.  It was a Laz invention, as Stix says, because 7 is the new 8.  one of his rare witticisms.  You really had to be there.  And if you weren't, stop making shit up to make yourself look clever.

I would use it interchangeably regardless of the level of my affection for my m7.

Anything else is just kittens.

She was talking about the origins of her username, I think, Stix.  Not trying to explain m7.  I got confuzzled.

I love how angry the men on here get about nothing

I thought it was a contraction for maven - meven.

Oh well

It only works with M8 and M1

Mun.  Makes no sense but it work.

And Jesus, Hoolie - hark at the pot.  You're one of the most chippy and argumentative people on here, ffs.

It was a typo that laz tried to pass off as being deliberate!

No it wasn’t, he started a whole thread on the subject. Now pipe down.

LOL at the idea that Pitt isn't a longtime roffer with a new sock puppet.


He knows exactly what it means and where it comes from.

Not at all.  My left ball itches slightly though.  And I'm not looking forward to cycling home tonight.


But my decree absolute order came through the post yesterday, and (now) ex-Badlady is about to get a colossal pasting over child access, so all in all the future is looking bright.

Ah bugger, now the itch has migrated downward to my perineum.  Alas, my day goes slightly the worse.

I don't know about u lot but I am hoping for a full fistula by tea time.  Stay tuned folks...

Yes, anyone can get a fistula.  Will post photos for Hoolie's benefit if that turns out to be the case.  Sort of a latter-day deconstructed GOATSE, innit?

Think so - was a problem in days of yore when you spent 3 years in the saddle on your way to get tinned by Saladin.

Think at least one king died of it