Lying about having brain cancer
The Oracle of Delphi 06 Feb 19 21:23
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of all the Tecco-esque things to do! why “brain”??

plus he did the whole “my mum’s dead” when she wasn’t thing - do u reckon that started with a “ur mum” joke which riled him and his quipped retort got out of hand?

Eh?  How did my name come into this?

I thought I had bone cancer, as did my doctors, but I don't think I shared that on here.  I had a Desmoid tumour, pretty sure I told you lot about that...!

I wish people just said... Sorry. 

The response to this is tortuous.  Yes, I said it.  No, it wasn't true.  But I said it so I didn't have to say I had a mental illness.

Doesn't make sense because there doesn't seem to have been any behaviour that he needed to explain away.

He just seemed to make shit up for sympathy... which is the bit he says is untrue.  No sirree, he wasn't trying for sympathy at all...

His poor Mum and brother must feel a bit odd, knowing he killed them off....

In the scale of things, it's a shitty thing to do, but it's between him and the people he lied to really.  He didn't get money out of it, he just made shit up for sympathy. 


Looks like a classic narcissist lying to get attention.

tl;dr but did he claim people shout at him in the street?

This is worse than RoF's Lord Halifax faking his own death. 

Well, between Halifax's war zone death, Dracz drug fuelled suicide, Tecco's .... well EVERYTHING.... we've had worse on here.  You are right.

There's an interesting bit in the Reverend Richard Coles (him out of off of the Communards) autobiog about how he lied about having the bad aids.

He still doesn't quite know why he did (and this is a very, very honest book by a highly intelligent man), but as I recall he says that he sort of felt some sort of guilt as so many of his friends did have it.

Jimmy Sommervile didn't speak to him for years afterwards as a result when the truth finally came out.