Lapdancing clubs ok or not ok?
bloodyfedupwit… 08 Jul 19 09:09
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Sorry but I’m new to this and the topic may have been covered but when is it ok now to go to a lapdancing club?

When you decide you want to be rinsed out of your cash and get a very short term fix that ultimately ends in frustration and a good hearty wank later when you get home?

I  just think it's an excellent model for the following:

1. Exploitation of men - you can't touch, you can't do anything but you can pay over the odds for some (probably watered down) alcohol.

2. Exploitation of women - sure, you get some who do very well but I am sure there are others who do not have the freedoms that you might expect.

Soooo, bit grubby on various levels. But t'was ever thus, eh.

"when is it ok"?

When you are a deeply sad twat. 



When is it ok to touch? 


Only when they invite you to the "VIP Lounge" (which has a slightly less sticky floor) and you buy at least £300 worth of dodgy champagne (probably Moet, the tasteless cunts) then make a private arrangement to meet a lady whose affections are undoubtedly negotiable in a second or third rate hotel after she gets off. 

1. If you are from an autocratic dictatorship, pockets brimming with money from under sold mineral wealth 

2. If you are an MC trainee who hasn't seen daylight or the indeed the outside of a, fuck knows why it's still paper, dataroom for 18 months

3. If you have time travelled from the 80s or early 90s before the internet did all this cheaper, better and in a more convenient location


Be prepared to hate yourself the next day

I was under the impression they're just places you go as part of a stag weekend.

Am fairly sure in badman's example the poor lady in question does not get off...

Thanks for the advice. I’m going to try to steer clear in future!

Sorrydidyousaysomething making some outstanding contributions to this thread.

Well done, xir.

On a moral level, I don’t care tbh, but they’re a shit place to try to have any kind of a good time. Even if the only good time you want is to see naked girls - walk in needing a wank, walk out three hundred quid lighter really, really needing a wank - I don’t see how that’s value tbh.

What everyone else said. Not even a thing on stag dos anymore, unless the stag is in early 20s

If “extras” were actually a thing, it might be a different matter of course.

Oh, but they are. 

About a decade ago, was out with a couple of lads (self employed, non-lawyers). One of them was well known with nightclub owners, etc, around town, in a good way. He was a very charismatic chap, v charming. He and my other mate snorted a couple of lines at his house, and we ended up in one particular such club. I'd had some drinks by this point. There were extras upstairs at this club. The atmosphere freaked me the f out downstairs, so I legged it. This was in Birmingham

Also, more recently, but still a few years ago, a group of us ended up in Legs Eleven in Birmingham around midnight. Now, back when I was a young lawyer, about 20 years ago, this was actually quite a fun place to go. Dances were reasonable, the drinks were OK, and generally you'd have a drink and a smoke and more often than not the girls would join you for a while if it wasn't busy, and everyone would chat. 

Fast forward to the more recent visit, and it was pretty scary. All the girls appeared to be Russian or eastern european, and were basically predatory. The fairly genteel atmosphere from 2 decades ago was gone. Didn't make for a pleasant evening. I made my excuses and left without partaking.

So, if they are in decline, that would not surprise me. 

Legs has shut now, I believe, as they were caught doping people and putting massive charges on their cards.

I still laugh at going to one of these places in Spain and starting chatting to one of the ladies only to find out that we'd spent a small fortune travelling across Europe to see a lady from Burnley take her clothes off.

Their only useful purpose is to rile the perpetually offended and prim 21st century Guardian-reading Puritan. Otherwise, damned waste of time and money.

Only acceptable abroad e.g. in Eastern Europe. Never go in this country.

Not ok. I went to one in Windsor, Canada with three of my college mates, at one of them's insistence.

After a while two of us looked at each other and thought wtf are we doing here.

Anyway, we loaded up the truck with Molson Canadian beer, which was the main reason for the trip.

Those places are seedy and unpleasant.

I lost £400 at one so was just wondering if I could claim it back for total failure of consideration?

Molson or a strip club. Which involves the most cynically vile & tasteless exploitation? Hmm. Tough choice.