Jokes on Brexit 26 Jan 19 22:13
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Did you see the Romantic comedy with Teresa May, Boris Johnson, and David Cameron? It's called "Leave Actually". 


But feel free to use this as an opportunity to be your own person.  We are with you, champ.

That website is real, but the quote is actually part of a long long long joke; you may click on the link and read the relevant content yourself: if in doubt of any hacking just copy and paste the link in your Mac notes and click thereafter or if you are overly stressed about hacking email it to your office IT experts they will open it for you and laugh at the funny quotes 😊

"Mac" and "thereafter" 

Why not just write it in latin and be done with it!

‘I personally decided to remain, as I thought it was in the best interests of the country. However, the referendum gave everybody the opportunity to an equal vote, and the referendum result cannot be rejected. The result gave a clear message that the public didn’t feel the EU worked, and there were certain policy areas people were concerned about.

In light of this, we cannot ignore the leave vote and the mandate given by the millions who voted leave.

We must now look to forging a new relationship, where we continue to co-operate with the EU to take the country forward. The Prime Minister has stated that the government is committed to building a country that works for everyone, which is why we must honour the outcome of the referendum, whilst also being mindful of those who voted to remain.’

This seems a balanced view by Rt. Hon. Tobias Ellwood MP Member of Parliament for Bournemouth East. However, if we read the noble price work by Daniel Kahneman it clearly says that if causality (referendum resulted —-> Brexit) is only based on limited/small statistical samples, this is for sure a mind trick (i.e. illusion) that is typical of human minds.

I mean we shouldn’t expect that politicians suddenly turn into statisticians to solve the Brexit negotiation, but the referendum was one referendum, and maybe double checking that the referendum result is actually true might be a short cut for them to make everyone happy.

“Fail, definitely” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Hi, I am still interested in writing down about Daniel’s Noble Prize work. According to it even government policy making would be shaped by our biased perception of how risk is actually affecting our real lives. I hope that Brexit is not the result of a mental bias 🤩

I keep finding interesting things on Brexit:


‘Giving Britons this year’s “golden dumbass” prize, Oliver Welke, the German equivalent of Dara Ó Briain, describes how Theresa May “can’t get out of the EU and can’t even get out of her bloody car”, over pictures of Angela Merkel waiting embarrassedly outside her Berlin residency as the door of our prime minister’s limo fails to open. “Just go!” the host yells. “Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, liquid Brexit, just fog off!”,