Irritating Adverts pt.164

The stupid woman in the Tena knicker adverts who says nobody warns you about incontinence before having a baby!


Fucking idiot

I have not seen this but concur.

Now I am going to spend the afternoon wondering how these women feel if their children turn out to be disappointing arseholes. Weeping from both ends as the contemplate their fate.

tbf maybe they should warn folk tho it's a bit nightmarish

I still hate the crumpet eating radio ad more I think

I’m still oral b hating all the way. 

As for the damage childbirth wreaks, I thought all the pitfalls were pretty obvious nowadays. One of the principle reasons I thought no way Jose was because of the very real damage I could do myself having a kid. There’s a real risk of relapse for MS patients post birth - and weird immunity whilst pregnant - that I wouldn’t even countenance. I knew I’d resent any kid that involved me suffering a disability or exacerbation. Harsh but true. I didn’t want kids anyway, I certainly wasn’t putting myself at risk for something I didn’t want in the first place!

I hate all of them , and those ones that tug at the heart string s, asking for money, targeted at the OAPswho watch TV in the afternoons are the worse

yeah it would be pretty brutal to go along with something because everyone kept saying "it's different when it's your own!" then it turned out they were bastarding liars (why DO so many people lie about this it's bizarre)

the older I get the more I just am gobsmacked that smart birds do it

thought made more acute by friend's aunt who is dying and her sons have not been to visit her once in the month since she went onto palliative care despite living about half an hour a way. 

so that's a lovely Tena consolation.

It's been around for a while, but I realized that I hated that pair of millenial friends (platonic? with benefits? WTF knows) in the Nationwide (?) advert hanging around the photo booth pretending to be all deep about the natue of friendship. At least have the decency to just plug something.

A message on Sumo's says: "This video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

Um, I'm in Blighty?

Any advert in which the actor / celebrity fronting it says “we” do this or that. Er, no

I'd like to be a woman and have kids I'm a bit jel of the time off work and basically another ready made career path if u want it.