Imagine if a top-tier firm went remote
  • And used the savings to ruthlessly undercut its peers.
  • This will happen. 

If they were top tier why would they not just pocket the savings instead of giving it away for free to their clients?

This definitely won't happen.

  • Messi is off to Aldershot Town
  • U heard it here 1st 


It won't happen at top firms. I don't understand how people can think that law firms can train, can market, can collaborate in a purely remote way. There is a massive underestimation on here of the value of face to face interaction.

Plus top firms won't get instructed if they're purely remote. 


definitely not top tier

maybe bottom of silver circle or a bronze medallion shop

"Plus top firms won't get instructed if they're purely remote"

If they are cheaper than before and meet clients as needed why on earth not?

Most city firms will have done a year by the time this ends, they wont go 100% remote, but 2 in 3 out will be very normal.

I fully expect them to lower overheads by keeping people home half the week and sacking support staff, but keeping their rates sky high.  

Whilst being innovative and diverse, naturally.

  • Linklaters is half way there. 

They've gone remote?

er they basically all r remote

right now 

I think this will happen. 

Depends on when your lease ends obv, but why pay for a 3000 people office if you don't need to.

Small plush client and training centres with a couple of hotdesk floors will be the norm. 

Doc production is already in almaty or belfast as can most other support functions be.

Sadly this will be the demise of the PA.  

But hardly anyone uses them other for travel plans and you cant travel.

Wot Wang said, especially re office leases expiring.  

The Com. Prop. sector is doomed.  

I was saying today on a call, as former A&O myself, the magic circle firms have some lush City offices with gyms/pools/dentists/doctors/music rooms/bars/restos/lounges/sleeping pods/etc

Those things are meaningless for the foreseeable future and quite expensive to maintain. Maybe just give staff 50% of those costs in raises and hire the best talent possible?


The long term impact won't be a significant as a lot of people are suggesting.

Big City firms will keep big City offices. There will be more hotdesking and more remote working, and offices will be a bit smaller, but the chance won't be all that dramatic.


If you downsize the office and introduce hot-desking you'll make the working environment miserable and all those who were going to come in 3 days a week will find excuses to come in even less often.

Uh-huh, exactly what they did at my place. As a result I have no interest in expending time, money and health to "connect " with colleagues.