if I visit my friend who's toddler has been in hospital with flu

I will definitely get flu, won't I?

But if I cancel I will be a dick, won't I?

so, write off February to flu or be a dick.

Or go in a bubble.

(the hospitalisation was two weeks ago but neither of his parents or his brother are yet showing symptoms)

it's influenza A, which I understand is least protected against because it evolves so quickly

but also no

hm which reminds me I don't want to give it to the heart sensitive in my life

I should cancel

Incubation period for viruses can easily be two weeks.

How about you go but just don't put your face right in front of theirs, don't touch anything and get out the antibac gel as soon as you leave?

But are still carriers.  Yes you will get it.  Children are fucking plague  bearers.  Do not go, pretend something.  Urgh, little bags of bugs are to be avoided.

I was thinking that, meh, but she will pour me a glass of wine. See! Am selfish cow.

Would it be rude to wear a facemask? Probs.

Influenza A is a fucking dick of a germ.

Alcohol is a disinfectant so if you drink the wine it'll obviously ward off disease.

that first defence nose spray is very good, use that before and after. And a face mask wont protect you anyway, it just protects others from your germs not other way round.

see I thought the same re face masks, minkie, but apparently there is evidence now that it can protect the wearer? I suppose it stops you touching your mouth and nose apart from anything else