I love Judy Carter...

...she is so posh. I bet she has a deliciously languid way about her and one of those voices you want to hear coming from somewhere near your upper thighs.


what a wonderful compliment to start the weekend.


I imagine that Judy sounds like Lady Mary from Downton. I SOOO want to sound like Lady Mary but I am somewhat handicapped by being Welsh.

I think you were over drafting with the "somewhat"

Heh @ Wang. 

I don't sound like Gladys bloody Pugh Dux.

Though I don't sound like Lady Mary either. Sob.

Wang actually knows what I sound like, although not bc I have nestled between his muscly rugby playing thighs FAO any D.

Nothing wrong with the Welsh accent Gwen. Can be very strong when coached by white officers 

Think Richard Burton,  Anthony Hopkins 

Not Kinnock obv

Judy is scouse! Automatically makes her less posh than Bentines, soz

I would say in terms of posh attractive voiced roffettes (and those who identify as the same) it is a three way toss up between tusco, judo and cruella.

that is called a dolly ball, u may jason roy it with your own punchlines

well 1: u r german and u lost your posh when prussia smoked all your asses; and

2: u r a total penoir

I've always imagined that Judo speaks like Noel Gallagher.

Tusc's voice is amazing, as is Judy's. 

Welsh though. Amazing.


Amazingly good or amazingly bad or just amazingly tede?

I can also do other accents to keep things spicy. 

My Russian accent is quite good, modelled on my Aunt Sweta, whose only English is: Herrod, Velentino, Chenel 

Fluffy, I imagine you like the main character in Atomic Blonde


So where does ye posh Lancastrian hail from?



We should get Judy and Dixie Belle together to see whose accent has remained unchanged.

In my memory Tuscan speaks like the madam in Harlots (this is a compliment faod). Maybe that was her version of Wills's estuary ofc.

Agree re loving Judy carter. 

Clergs I know you think you ming, but how's your accent? Nice light Scottish lilt or full Rab C?

I reckon Judo's not from the North West at all, you know.


I reckon she's just saying that to spare her the humiliation of having to admit to being a monkey hanger.

Tuscan's accent is not ultra posh.  Well spoken, certainly.  Touch of estuary in there.  But she's a top lass and that's all that counts.

Dixie Bel and I went to the same school, albeit I was probably there about a decade before her.

Twelve,I have one of those Scottish accents that makes you forever sound like a child everyone finds a bit annoying. Think Kelly McDonald without the self assurance. It's annoying I should work on it.

Badders you make it sound like not being posh is a bad thing rather than an awesome thing.

The North West is the best place in the country to hail from imo

That was not my intention at all, Clergs!  I mean, I'm from Somerset, for crying out loud.  hardly posh.



Meh - MJJ may disagree with you there!

Clergs, is Kelly MacDonald that singer who sings like a deaf person?

I don't know, ask kelly macdonald

it's just

it lacks the veneer that you english have even when you are total muppets

Your accent is perfectly nice, you are just quite softly spoken. I wouldn’t say that makes you sound like a child.

This whole thread is an aberration *I* have the best voice 

if you did a podcast I would 100% subscribe

unless it dealt with issues of pathos

Alroit me babs? Whasson in this areal then eh? Grrt lush that is!

Was doing an impression of a bedmy given your current Bristolian roots.

Ah, I was thinking of Amy MacDonald, Clergs.  Oops. 


Jesus, Kelly is the same age as me.  Time has obviously been kinder to her than me.


Tecco - that's not at all bad.  Have you ever heard "Virtute et Industrial" by the Wurzels?  It's like a "how to" of doing a Brizzle accent.