I am interested in Abb's thoughts on BoJo's interior design

Should hope not. How common.

Nor would he refer to it as a lounge, mind you.

You press a button and all the tasteful artwork boolocks moves aside to reveal a WALL OF PLASMA.

Also, that kitchen is utter shit, who the hell would want that tiny little galley thing?  I need space. 

Are these photos from after his ex wife took most of the furniture ( and, presumably, artwork, etc)?

bit sparse! Not exactly plush, as the DM describes it.

Standard estate agents photography, that, remove anything that makes it look other than a showroom.

But it doesnt, it looks like its full of random hastily bought furniture. Art on walls hard to see properly but perhaps reflecting Boris’s family background/history interest, which Marina left behind.

What does he point his furniture at if he doesn't have a television?

It is understood the prospective Prime Minister has told civil servants he needs money for furniture at No10 because his ex-wife has kept all his belongings'


What a fvcking cheek, he has plenty of money, but  his own furniture.  

The fvcking audacity of the twat

MFI lives

Surely No 10 comes with its own furniture?

Amazed you have to ask fking civil servants 

Did William, Harry and Charles have to crawl to civil servants ?

Only in the UK would we get so bloody chippy about the idea that a Prime Minister might be financially assisted when kitting out his or her official residence...

Favourite Alan Clarkism was one of his diary notes.

He was drunk and Claire short accused him of being drunk in the commons.

his view was such a sexy lady, that sexy brummy accent, i wonder how she would be in my bed quite often.

Yes, am aware I channel him in a daily basis.



It was quite widely publicised that Harry and his Mrs needed a coupla mio from the Royal Castles budget to sufficiently pimp Frogmore Cottage.  I think I read that they put some in too.


What the others said.

I assumed No 10 was fully kitted out.

Surely PMs want to keep their furniture in their real home?

He needs 700k to refurnish No 1O?? Why bother he is only going to be there a few weeks .

TBF imagine if the last person to get a deco budget was Gordo B.  It would be painted stark white with no wall hangings and the only furniture a bed of straw, a stool, and a place for biblical repentance.

I am hoping bojo is doing a deco number like Semi in Coming to America

Seems very blandly decorated. Apparently that's what people buying houses tend to like though.