Here we go with the Gray report…

…”The Met Police has asked an internal inquiry into alleged lockdown parties at No 10 to make "minimal reference" to any alleged events it is investigating.”

It will be a full and thorough investigation of the most blatant parties and some civil servants will be issued with fixed fines… …and as BoZo would say, that is the end of the matter.

“Crikey, we live in that sort of country now don't we.”

If this was an investigation into Putin for similar reasons… …we would be shaking our heads and going “oh, those Russians”.

hope rof’s unrepentant tozzas r pleased with themselves, enabling and encouraging rampant corruption by the elites as well as quashing ne dissent

putin will actually make hay out of this, like he did with the capitol riots

it allows him to pretend 2 his country he has the moral high ground

tbf vs bodge and the tozzas he might have a point

Some may say it’s time for the grassy knoll option… …actually that will never happen as no one really gets that agitated by British politics.

Jellymonster27 Jan 22 18:20 Reply | Report

Prediction - Johnson will style it out - the Gray report will deal with the trivia, as the heavy stuff will be transferred to the met investigation. The met investigation will take an age, and ultimately decide no that actions were ill-advised, but no public interest in further action. Tories will then run the gauntlet, hoping that the public forget by the time the local elections come around.  And if they get slaughtered, then Johnson will go.

Looks like we've got to stage 1!

And of course now everyone will be calling Johnson "the great survivor" as if the lying, wrong-doing and hypocrisy, when coated with corruption, make it a massive virtue. 


meanwhile monumental scandals like the covid financial fraud bonanza that lord agnew resigned about get overlooked….….……..

as do things like the great sub postmaster horizon scandal 

all because johnson and co are narcissistic dumb assholes

He loves it. He's been very naughty, which is exciting, and then he's been caught out, which is even more exciting, and then he's going to get away with it, which is orgasmically exciting. That smirk when taking a sip of water in PMQs said it all. 

The Met were having their own little parties. What was the work purpose of that little display of flashing lights and emergency vehicles on Westminster bridge to clap for the nhs? Cressida dick was standing right there on tv 

Ting is, we already know when the parties were held.

If the report barely mentions or only refers to a particular party briefly, we will know that these are the ones that the coppers think were potential criminal.  I think its difficult to spin the fact that the police are now thoroughly investigating the PM and his staff for multiple breaches of the law as a good thing tbh.

difficult, mayb

wont stop bodge, the tozzas generally, their enablers at all major media organisations and a few of rof’s fanatics like saillaw giving it a good hard go

"multiple breaches of the law"

...and what will be the outcome? A series of fines, none of which will be given to BoZo... ...he will apologise for the sorry lack of morals displayed by some of his staff, mention that this does not represent the rest of our great British Civil Service... ...fart, smile and more on (he may even whistle in the manner of Cameron).

the focus needs to be kept on the "misleading" parliament, not the detail of which of the many parties is which, etc. 

lol at linda

Amusing how all the people now complaining are the same ones who were complaining when the police weren’t investigating….

no-one is complaining about the police investigating. We're complaining that the police weirdly have decided that evidence needs to be stripped from the Sue Gray report (this would make sense if there was a jury trial upcoming, but there's not).  So Cressida is doing what's she's been told. Again.

I think Jelly has nailed the course of events here.   The opposition need to be laser focused on misleading parliament not, the parties themselves.

Publication if a fact finding report could still compromise their investigation though Jelly. If Sue Gray says this person bought the cake and cheese and that person bought the wine md states it as a fact but the police investigation unearths evidence that it was the other way round then it will become very difficult for them to issue a PCN.

The Gray report would also then be compromised.

I genuinely had faith that the Gray report would set out the facts (attendees and descriptions of what occurred at each of the events) and that these facts would be enough to damn BoZo... looks like the most blatant events will now be reduced to "Event 14 occurred on xx May 2021. No further details surrounding this event can be provided due to corruption in the Metropolitan Police at the highest level, which will be the subject of my next report"

it would show that someone either lied to Sue Gray or to the police, and there's value in unearthing that.  The police will issue PCNs according to their investigation, not copying someone else's homework.

Srsly tho what can the report even say if it talking about the parties in Whitehall compromises the police investigation?


no more post mortem reports on murder victims then. Might compromise an investigation 

no more insurance investigations 

"the head of the met is corrupt you say?" in not doing her job but doing what she is coerced into doing. I look forward to the outcome of the investigation...

she's very good at closing ranks when it suits.  The Daniel Morgan Inquiry didn't cover her in glory.

I know it's 'just' politics but is anyone else angry about this... ...or is it all rather shrug worthy and move on?

Is there a legal basis for this request when do much if the information is already in the public domain. 

Jellymonster28 Jan 22 09:33

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it would show that someone either lied to Sue Gray or to the police, and there's value in unearthing that.  The police will issue PCNs according to their investigation, not copying someone else's homework.



The Gray report is fact-finding only. I assume there is no power to compel witnesses and anyone lying isn't going to face criminal sanction. The opposite will apply to anyone lying to the police. There's no real reason why the report cannot be disclosed in full.

I know it's 'just' politics but is anyone else angry about this... ...or is it all rather shrug worthy and move on?

I would question whether anyone who voted tory should feel they have any right to be angry about this.

They should not be feeling anger.

Their proper reaction should be shame. 

I know it's 'just' politics but is anyone else angry about this... ...or is it all rather shrug worthy and move on?

It isn't just politics.  The hypocrisy, dishonesty and corruption - and expecting to get away with it and actually getting away with it - permeates into what sort of country we live in and how organisations and people generally are expected to behave, and will behave.  The damage that is being done is awful and unforgiveable. Johnson's personal failings are being magnified and projected onto the UK and all of us. 

and I don't see why stuff has to be removed from SG's report for any reason.  Isn't it supposed to be a statement of facts? 

It seems Cressida is doing Boris a massive favour and covering the whole thing up by springing in when it suddenly became clear that was better than SG’s report coming out in full.

What I don’t get is why? She’s got the gong already. Just to make herself feel important?

The idea that this is at Bojo’s instigation is silly. Why is no one asking to see the legal advice that led to the met making the request it has to Gray?

What if you have given evidence to Sue Gray on the condition that nothing is done with it that would compromise your privilege against self incrimination? 

The insistence of the Labour Party that the report is published in full might impinge that condition and then Sue Gray herself might be personally liable for publishing that material.

The Met come late to  the party then insists SGs report be withheld on the points that involve the police investigation ie the parties !!! 

Cres is doing Boris a massive favour or as been played by BJ.

Come off it Clive, they have to do everything in their power to secure a conviction without an part of their procedure being prejudiced.

I thought this place was full of lawyers

There is nothing the prime minister would like to see more than the full publication of the Sue Gray report. This stonewalling by the police is absolutely harrowing and will completely ruin the weekend. 

Incompetence is more common than conspiracy. 

And coincidence is more common than corruption. 
If there were illegal happenings at No. 10 (which there probably were), the Met should have stopped them at the time and/or investigated them earlier.  By controlling the investigation the Dick can minimise the impact on the Met’s, and her own reputation. For her, that end justifies the means.

That a good result for the Met, ie the events weren’t definitely/indubitably/seriously illegal, would also be a good result for Boris is just a coincidence.

No need for any ‘corruption’.

Aren’t the covid offences summary only? If so, how does the Grey report being published prejudice anything? Witness evidence?

Look, I say, do we really need to go through all this again? What do they call it, ‘re-litigating’? It’s perfectly clear to the public I’ve done nothing wrong. 

By controlling the investigation the Dick can minimise the impact on the Met’s, and her own reputation

That's corruption. You're ok with the idea of the met bring corrupt but poopoo the idea of the most corrupt government in living memory having owt to do with it. You're as bad as Ami.

fooking stitch up.

And so stupid, because it will all come out/be leaked anyway and be even more damaging then.

I think the problem is that most people here don't understand how true blue Tories think about this. 

Was explained to me at length yesterday at lunch with a fund manager who is a Party member, reads Guido religiously etc. 

Basically: "Boris got all the big calls right - Freedom Day 1, Freedom Day 2, the vaccines, and he got Brexit done - yeah he probably shouldn't have had the cake but it's no big deal compared to what he achieved - his enemies are just using this as their moment to try and get rid of him"

I can think of a few fund managers like that. They said the same about Trump though.

It’s a failure to ascribe value to institutions and the architecture of modern democracy and to character which is dismissed as establishment waffle or pompous insufferable guardian lawyer crap.

It’s all good until they’re smashing down the doors of Congress yelling “stop the steal”.

It’s also a misreading of BoJo who was the guy who imposed the draconian laws btw, is raising taxes and ran on a big govt, high spending, levelling up agenda.

Stru - did you point out to him that the real issue here is not the birthday cake but lying to Parliament - did you check if he is ok with a PM that lies to Parliament?

Aren’t the covid offences summary only? If so, how does the Grey report being published prejudice anything? Witness evidence?

There is a bit of chat about perverting the course of justice.

I hope he stays just because he appears to cause "centrist dads" to seethe so much in their impotent rage. 

Cressida Dick has only survived so long because she is ‘one of us’ in the eyes of the govt. her actions are entirely predictable.

As sir Keith keeps reminding us he was mr Cps. So presumably he is well placed to either admit the cops are right or instead destroy Cressida with a few well chosen remarks. And yet he does neither…..

Guy - no. Didn't want a political argument with a client. Besides, then he started talking about the "real power brokers" (unnamed) who decide whether a PM stays or goes and how they still support Boris so he's likely to stay, and I had to work very hard to not roll my eyes at him..

Yeah it would be a great tactical move for Starmer to have a public pop at Cressida Dick while her deputy is investigating Bozzas many crimes. 

Also, Cressida Dick is surprisingly well liked and respect among the Met's rank and file - much much more so than her predecessor Baron Hogan Howe who was reviled (about whom I have heard some downright libellous rumours from police officers who heard it from the officers on his personal security detail - I hesitate to post it as it may result in a rofban, but next time at drinks for sure). 

KS does not use the Mr CPS card nearly enough. Why the hell not? It’s the only legit card in parliament.


More clarification from the Met today, this via PA Metropolitan Police officers are currently investigating possible breaches of Covid rules that could warrant fixed penalty notices rather than more serious offences, the PA news agency understands.

We don't want it published in case it prejudices some £100 fines!

Absolutely stinks.  Basically confirmation that it's a cover up.