Heathrow runway

Do you think this will happen? I wonder if both Gatwick and Heathrow will end up extending. Either way, the sooner electric planes arrive the better.

Electric planes are an unrealistic proposition, the extension cables would be too long..  

Well if there’s one good thing about young Alex becoming PM it is that Heathrow expansion will now be stopped.

I mean you can’t really go on with the development if you have the head of government lying in front of the bulldozers like  he said he would

He has flip fopped on it a fair bit recently. 

But he saaaaaaiiiiiid

I refuse to believe that this was a stance he took simply to improve his chances of adoption and election in a west London constituency.

Bojo makes a fair point. If you look at the last labour prime minister for instance, he had no such qualms about writing and publishing books when he should have been managing the economy instead. Then look at the consequences of Brown's utter selifshness.