A great read for cricket fans

That Aussie side was probably their most obnoxious ever (stiff competition I know), don’t think any non Aussie didn’t enjoy seeing them get a proper pasting

That is a great read, even if Harris rather too obviously aspires to be a prose stylist. 

I’d never heard of Greenidge but he sounds like a batsman not to be fooked with. I’ve been able to get the whole book free on Kindle Unlimited btw.

Mentioned in passing, the story of the australian runner Peter Norman - the anonymous white guy on the podium when the Americans do their black power salute in ‘68 - is worth reading. Far from a mute bystander, I believe he knew in advance they were going to do it and actually gave them the black gloves.

Norman’s time in that very race remains the Oceania 200m record. Fifty years later.

I’m not as fooking old as you m99

That WI innings v England in 1984 is incredible even by modern standards - 342 in 66 overs! 

while only shedding one wicket - I mean batting like that normally has a cost

Batting last as well. 
pretty shoddy English attack apart from Botham though

Greenidge and Haynes are easily the best openers of all time. fooking miles ahead of the game.


god that team was mental good

That game, setting 340 to win, was almost unheard of at the time, it was like england were actually going to beat the Windies in a test match, astonishing, unheard of stuff.



I’m not as fooking old as you m99

Heh, and I'm not as old as you and I remember watching him play.

I think you probably are as old as me m99 but anyway I never said I was planning to be a cricket writer. Thanks for the links. Fire in Babylon the book is on my reading pile.

Recommend Penguins Stop Play and Slipless in Settle as good cricket reads

Fire in Babylon was excellent.

And what you all said about that team.