In on a Friday night

any other Dry Jannerz the same?


ps how much weight have you lost since giving up the demon drink?

I'm not doing dry Jannerz but I don't drink much anyway.

I'm craving a pizza. I'm cooking some chicken/veg stir fry but I want to go all in on an 18 in pepperoni with double cheese.

It's early.  It's going to be a long night.

Hopefully the urge will fade once I hit the stir fry.

I had vegetable soup with extra spinach for the kix 

Go hard or go home.

I gots purple cabbage.  This aint toytown neither.

This shit is why I’m still very happily drinking, and eating animals. And wearing leather and suede. And putting milk in my tea and eating CHEESE.

Happy January, sheep ???

It's all such wankery, isn't it?  It's part of the narrative that tells us we aren't good enough. Thigh gaps, boobs too big, not big enough, dad bods, hot bods, you're too fat, you're too thin, you shouldn't eat what everyone said you should eat last month.



Fucking Paul Dacre.

No, I'm at home now, being my totally relaxed self.

Glad you got what I was yelling about.

Nice one Stix.  I'm going to have a beer before bed.  And then another one.