The Favourite

I saw it on Sunday.  It really is excellent.


1) the acting.  Oliva Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone were ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

2) the sparkling dialogue and the pace of the plot

3) the little details

Judy Carter07 Jan 19 10:08

I'd have made such a great restoration monarch


Bit of a fun gig - just be a bit pissed and crazy.

I saw the trailer for Vice.  How Christian Bale changed his appearance so dramatically is amazing. 

As happy as I am for Olivia Colman's success, she really needs to stop STARRING IN EVERY SINGLE THING.

I think a lot of actors have an inherent fear that the work will dry up and this could be THEIR LAST JOB EVER, so they take what is offered to them. Fair play to her, she's basically doing what Judy Dench has been doing for years.

Her 'jolly hocky sticks' schtick is getting tiresome now