Exeter Chiefs

New branding incoming


Good change and decision, i reckon 

They should have changed the name too.

Exeter Johnnies would work with the "helmet" in that fellows head in the new logo

We reckon they should be the Otters. But there we go. I think this still carries on a strong warrior theme which is good for a rugby team…

Am I missing something?

Have they just chosen a tribe closer to home?!

I thought they were going down the neutral route - Exeter eagles or something.

Exeter Otters would be great but I think the Otter brewery who supply the mascot would have to cough up a bit more bread first.

A bit pointless. I know about the Washington Redskins, but the Kansas City Chiefs are still called exactly that.

Maybe they have native American activists down there in Exeter.

Chiefs - could have done a lot with it.

This seems like Tony Rowe trying to fudge himself being correct.

He'd fit in as a roffer tbf.

His money I guess.

"Chiefs" has been part of the rugby lexicon in Devon for ages, and never originally had native American connotations.

Tony Rowe fcking hates the change though.  A mate, ex-player who's done a lot for the club, finally did a local press article in which he had the temerity to suggest that, y'know, maybe the Chiefs ought to get with the programme a bit, even if only for commercial reasons.  Tony got straight on the phone to my mate to tell him what a cvnt he is.

The man Rowe absolutely HATES having his hand forced.  Were it not for that, this would have happened a while back.

He's made his club a commercial pariah but it's his money I guess, can do what he wants with it.

Exeter business park (shirt sponsor) is just a field he owns at the moment. Doesn't even have planning last time I checked.