Dog owners. Question.

Does your dog have a clear favourite in your household?

Both our previous dogs were deffo Mrs P allegiance.

I’d actually rather it was otherwise but I suspect our new addition is gravitating to me. 

Of course.  For simply being stroked, etc. it’s my dad.  I’m the one who is in charge and she’ll do what I say.  When she’s after good she goes to my mum.

Until recently, he respected Viperess more but he liked me most. Now I’m pretty sure I’m just the favourite but Viperess did go away for a month during which time I was sole ape in charge of food 

Yes. My mum passed away last month and I inherited one of her Westies, as I mentored a few weeks back. She used to breed them and he is the one puppy she kept from the last litter, so he has known me pretty much since birth. I think I was his second favourite human after mum. Now she has gone and he has moved to us, he has transferred his affections almost entirely to me. His new second favourite is our nanny!

Hi Kingfaff,

Sounds as though the adjustment has been good despite the initial concerns. Hope the new companion has been a tonic at a tough time.

We have just had another dry night, though she peed all over the place when I got home last night just out of sheer excitement, and Mrs P was quite pleased to see me too.

Awww Davos I am sure he is fond of you as well though, probably feels protective of you. 

Ours is a bit of a weirdo. He is a rescue and I suspect his genetics are street dog so many generations back that he is more feral than proper pet. His clear favourite is my daughter. Mainly because she spoils him so much. 


My brother's beagle always wants to have sex with my leg like I'm her special friend. I don't think anyone else gets this sort of attention. What does this mean? 

A friend of our neighbour my dog's favourite person. She only sees him occasionally every few months but goes utterly mental when she does. No one knows why, he's never fed her treats or anything. I once had to go get her back off him trying to leave late at night and she bloody growled at me. True love.