Dog Breeding

If humans were selectively bred as dogs are could we vary as much? Could there be breeds of 1 foot humans and 9 foot humans and humans with tiny legs and arms and humans with very long legs and arms? Or is this variety specifically to do with dogs?

I think the smallest adult was an indian chap who was just shy of 60cm.  the tallest was robert ludlow who was over 8 foot

I think the Germans had a sort of selective breeding thing going on at one time or another.

Wouldn’t be hard, though timescales a bit longer than with dogs.  

Judging by the accentuated genetic defects that Kennel Club dogs suffer from, the side effects of incautious breeding would be pretty horrific. 

Luckily, you could not do it by force and there is no other way.  

Could there be breeds of 1 foot humans

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There were a couple of threads iirc. 

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Are we then agreed that it is only practical considerations that prevent us creating weird and whacky humans as we do dogs and we could in theory have human breeds as different from each other as a Great Dane and a whippet?  

we do have human breeds as different from each other as a Great Dane and a Whippet and always have.


I give you

See the source image



See the source image

Try sticking a Dutchman and a Kenyan together and one might say we already have a fair amount of diversity. 

Thinking about it you could make that argument solely based on indigenous African tribes. 

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Zero yes we have lots of diversity but really not on the scale of dog breeds - some breeds are probably 100x bigger than others also a lot of our diversity is lifestyle driven.

was there not a theory that colonial slave owners “bred” west african slaves to be tall and strong? I think it got debunked. And remember we know full well that incest is a bad idea.

as someone with clear mixed heritage I enjoy believing that as a result my genes are good :)