do you have your ears pierced?

what age were you when you first got it done?

my mum was openly horrified by the idea and said I couldn't have it done until I was 18 which I find pretty absurd but I didn't particularly want to have it done anyway it's very weird like tagging yourself as livestock or something

my friend is taking her daughter to have it done for her 10th birthday, which is why it came to mind

10 seems a perfectly reasonable age

lol @ 18

maybe she was worried I would get caught in something and rip my ear off, which is not an unreasonable fear in my case

I took my friend's daughter to have hers done when she was 8.

I took her to a tattoo parlour in Bath, while her mum waited outside with the baby.

She came out with professionally pierced ears and saying, "I'm NEVER getting a tattoo!" which I think her mum considered an excellent result all ground.


this reminds me, I really have an instinctive dislike for people with pierced noses

they just think they're so GREAT and fooking alternative as they head off to their fooking day of deskjockeying

(apologies to any roffolk whom I love who have pierced noses that I haven't noticed)

I think I was about 11? Then top of my left ear at 16 and second in my right lobe at uni. Also nose at uni but that got taken out after a month 

First piercing when I was about a year old. My family are traditional Indian jewellers by trade (i.e literally melting down blocks of gold and creating the jewellery from scratch, so piercings and jewellery are very very usual (and expected). My grandad did my ears with a hot copper wire I have been told.

I now have about 11 piercings in my ears (culturally very normal for me), mostly done by different members of my family. Also (sorry Clergs!) have my nose pierced, but again less because I am edgy and more cultural norms (even my grandma has her nose pierced

I was 18, first term of uni.  I think my mum had said 18 and I was a fairly compliant child.   My sister blatently went and got her ears pierced when she was about 14, cannot remember much about the fall out from that.

Now my 13 year old daughter is asking me, I have said 18 and she laughs right in my face..... not sure what I am going to do about that.

I was 4 I think.  The girls in my class had pierced ears and I harangued all the adults in my life until they relented.  My aunt pierced them for me using a needle.  I don't think they even had ice cubes at the time.  Anyway my screams were so loud and wrenching the neighbours all came out to see what was wrong and found me screaming that I didn't want the second one done because the first one hurt so much.  I have no recollection of the second hole being made.  But time goes by and we laugh about it now.

about 13 / 14 (in harrods). Then did my own 2nds / 3rd with an ice cube and sharp stud at school. Did quite a few people's that way.

Why tho?  We used a needle, no ice cubes and neosporin leftover from the war because we didn't have anything else.  But wtf would you do with a sharp stud and an ice cube otherwise?

16, parents were a bit annoyed.

I don't like sleeping in earrings and am always forgetting to put them in. Then I will realise I've not worn any for a couple of months and have to force them into closed up piercings.

Did this yesterday, it really hurt. So I sort of redo it myself regularly, I just grit my teeth and shove an earring in. A bit surprised it's never gone icky.

I went to a large department store in my university town.  You went into some kind of booth thing and a woman in a white coat used a gun which looked like a large staple gun.  I think it was painful but it was quick.  Naieve enough to think the presentation of it equated to it being sanitary and safe.  Now I watch girls do it in shops like "Clares" (which sells cheap jewellery and hair accessories) - they seem to use the same "gun" but they seem to be literally leaning over the checkout counter over the till and grabbing the kids ear lobes.  Nice! 

Our 6 year old wants it done, a couple of her pals at school already do. Mrs G (whose issue this one very much is) is divided, she had hers done around 12 at Claire’s Accessories who still do it now but charge £65 which is a lot apparently. 

Under 12 the done thing is to do both ears at the same time so as to avoid sizzlers’ problems. 

Holy crap - I had mine redone at Claire's in 2010 for £15.  Get Escaped to do it for you ZG!


I think the only justification for charging something like that could be (i) some kind of guarantee of a higher level of hygiene and lack of side effects, almost impossible to deliver on unless it becomes some kind of surgical procedure (not worth it) or (ii) the value of the stud is objectively higher than the usual cheap hypoallergenic stud earrings they use.  I seem to recall way back when i had it done you could pay marginally more for x or y carrot gold etc instead of stainless steel or whatever

I though you would buy the entire contents of Claire's for £65. Seems a lot.

I went to the jewellers in the local town. School did not permit even plain studs so I went on the last day of summer term in a queue of other girls doing the same, so you could leave them in until September.

is male ear piercing (depending on which ear) still a thing of symbolism/significance?

 I genuinely don't know as I am so old (and I cannot remember whether it was left or right ear back in the day).  Wouldn't be surprised if that is a long lost dark ages no longer a phenomenon

Came up to London from the sticks and got them done at 18 at Top Shop.  used the stapler gun thingy.

I think males tend to go for both ears these days anon. Definitely I don't see young men with only one ear piercing, usually two, like a footballer.

I had mine done when I was a baby.  Then a few more over the years, and finally my tongue in my mid twenties.  I am constantly tussling with the urge to get a load more, but I'd have to go to a specialist place to get the ones I want, and I just haven't got around to it yet.

rogermellie29 Jun 22 17:07 interesting.  so right side meant homosexual? 

i vaguely knew about it but never really paid attention.  I remember some boys during my school years getting a massive bollocking about wearing them (usually by PE teachers) where the girls got away with it. 

Probably a load of PE teacher on pupil sexual abuse as well, not sure, but it was the 80s so - meh and all that (thankfully not me).  No one did anything.

I got mine done at 4 willfully and again at 6 unwilfully. Still not happy about the second time nearly 30 yrs on

I was finally allowed to get my ears pierced during the summer between year six and senior school 


when at university I worked for Claire’s Accessories and would be piercing children as long as they had their certificates 

I had my ears pierced as a baby. And then my nose at 14 but took it out a few months later as I was no longer feeling it. Fickle teen.

My mum convinced me & my sister that it was horribly painful, would get infected etc so now it feels like we’re practically the only adult women in the UK who’ve never had their ears pierced.

Didn’t stop my mother in law from buying me earrings a couple of years ago (been together c 20 years!)

Yes, bloke here, one ear, aged 16.  In 1982.  If you liked new wave music, it would have been bad form not to.  Then got both pierced, and kept them all the way through college. 

The distinction I draw is whether done for decorative reasons, ro done to signify that you're a gimp.  

Ear-rings, being decorative, are fine, but not the self-abuse ones which stretch the ear lobe.  Nose rings and tongue rings etc, just for gimps I'm afraid