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Wang's Upon a Time 12 Jun 19 16:42
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Cant believe I am posting this b4 buzz tbh

Heh.  We haven't had a mingeoplasty related thread for quite a while.

I have a friend who used to be a clinical psychologist in the NHS whose job was to assess wimmin for vagoplasty

(she never passed a single patient - they were all just trying it on)

Reminds me of one of my finest hours in this esteemed profession:

*phone rings*

*Buzz answers*

The Labrador: Hi Buzz, it's the Labrador (so named for his boundless enthusiasm to sign documents, usually before commercial terms are agreed). Can you act for me in an investment in a business called Countryliner?

Buzz: Sure, what's Countryliner?

The Labrador: It's a bus company.

Buzz: Sounds more like a niche plastic surgery business.

The Labrador: *silence*



Earlier today I was perusing in a bookshop*

I saw a title called The Perennial Vortex but in my hast I misread as The Perineal Vortex which would be a very different story.


*How flanders & swann is that for an opener

Probably.  If your dad abused you, you probably would have issues too.  But you're just tiresome full stop.  Without even sexual abuse as an excuse.  But I can come over and change that for you, if that would help.