Deadlifting 2 x bodyweight

Got to give yourself a target, eh?

You need to watch that lower back though. Looks a bit round.

So you can deadlift like 32 stone?  I don't think so fat Hanners.

If it’s not a prolif it’s the most tragic thing posted on rof in some time, which bearing in mind tecco is here 24/7 at the moment is quite a feat. 

Not Hanners, don't weight 16 stone.

Otherwise really well done.

TBF Hanners would never post a totally shyt GIF and talk about politics in the way Pridemoth does.  He would also never post links to Guido.  

I'm getting a really itchy chin.

Terribly itchy. A sort of chinny reckon to the max kinda business.

You know the thing. A REALLY ITCHY BEARD that needs STROKING AND SCRATCHING while I say Ooh Yeah Jimmy Jimmy