days when you're in the wrong job

a friend is looking for another bathing supervisor at a swimming lake.



Swimming lake in the London area? I looked hard and didn’t find anything but the pond on hampstead Heath 

Sitting there, watching Totty, reading a book ...  the appeal is obvious 

Germany has a dearth of bathing supervisors but public swimming pool is not as fancy as a lake

Are you and clergs on some sort of job share arrangement?

i'm sitting in an office with the blinds drawn so I can see my screen.  who wouldn't rather be sitting outside in the fresh air by a lake (and not dressed in a suit)


DD I was back in Germany last week and made a point of visiting the therme near where I used to live. I miss that therme so much.

Oh don’t know that one. Funny how Berlin has myriads of lakes but no bathing supervisors there