casillero del diablo

Their tag line is “wine from the devils cellar”

why would you want to drink that. It’s probably made out of the souls of paedos etc

Said wine is disgusting, as is all wine from Chile. Many Brits like it as they couldn't tell if if they were drinking the blood of dead, rabid dogs or the contents the spit bucket at a wine-tasting. 


The fact they don't put a possesive apostrophe in the tagline is purgatory enough for a lawyer. 

lol @ secularjurist being too much of a cheapskate to buy decent wine

as is all wine from Chile

Said a man who clearly knows nothing about wine

Oracle. Disagree. Chilean wine is not good wine. French is the best (but not Malbec), followed by Italy. On the continent, one doesn't have to spend much to get a good wine. In the UK, however, even a middling St Emilion is considered a luxury, hence the astronomical prices. There is too much tax on wines. Tax financial transactions instead.

Had a bottle once - it's made of the devil's bottled farts, I think.

You’re posting “me and MJJ” a lot at the moment, but she hasn’t posted anything for a while. She’s not under the patio is she?

Heh wow @ there being no good Chilean wine.

I suggest you mention your judgement on this to the MWs at The Wine Society who frequently recommend them.

Was recently given a Chilean Merlot by a family member who is working in Chile. Was excellent.

Not yet, Stix.  When are you going to come down and check?

Stix don't do it as he'll smack you with a spade and shove you into the same hole!

I was just about to say that I've got a space right next to her, just for Stix.

How on earth can someone actually post in all seriousness a comment that one country's wine is better than another's? The frogs clearly makes some of the world's best wines, alongside some of the worst.  Someone ought to let Baron Philippe de Rothschild know that the millions he (very successfully) stuck into Almaviva was a waste of time.  And someone ought to let Suckling et al know they are talking shyte about Sena, Clos Apalta and Chadwick.

Malbec is glorious.  Which is why it's still a component of some St. Emilion wines.

Heh, I was considering mentioning Almaviva as the co-collaborators alongside mouton-Rothschild are in fact.... the owners of the Casillera del Diablo brand lol.

I think there's more likelihood of you spanging me on the back of the head with a shovel than the other way round, Stix.  But your raised eyebrow is duly noted.

They also own Don Melchor, Tecco, another highly rated Chilean

Yeah, I was just reading the producer profile of them on the wine society, they have a lot of very decent brands.

“Concha y Toro is the Penfolds of Chile, simultaneously producing some of Chile’s greatest wines in limited quantities (Don Melchor, Carmín de Peumo, Amelia, Maycas del Limarí Quebrada Seca Chardonnay, etc.) as well as large volumes of high-quality brands such as Casillero del Diablo.”

I have some Almaviva 2015 squirrelled away. It's up for sale though if you'd like to make an offer.  Also Clos Apalta 2015. On BBR. You know you want to. 

Hah.  I’m no great wine buff.  I read the stuff on the wine society notes and go by what they say but the days of me buying pricey wine are long since gone.  I also don’t retain much knowledge about wine, I just use the crib sheets to select something drinkable.

I look for the good quality, good value stuff these days.

I only buy it so I can flog it to the Chinese after a few years and then buy 3 litre bag in box jobs of Romanian merlot with the profits.  To drink out of a pint glass topped up with lemonade obvs.

Buzz, Sheekey's pour a Slovenian Pinot Blanc by the glass which I find surprisingly swallowable, and I like the concept (I think we were once sent an albanian pinot grigio in a case too)

I'm pretty sure that Albanian pinot grigio was the explanation for IG nailing Miss T.

Chile is the only country with vineyards whose rootstock pre-dates the destruction of the Bordeaux vines by phylloxera.  Their Carmeniere tastes like the grape once did in Europe. There are fine, fine wines in Chile that are as good as any other wine-producing country, new world or old.
Your ass is talking.

Didn’t Bordeaux restock their vineyards more than once by taking cuttings from the new world, for that very reason?  I’m sure I read that somewhere.

Bordeaux entirely grafted all rootstock of Cab Sauv, Cab Franc and Merlot and gave up growing Carmeniere after Phylloxera as the last of those wouldn't graft on Phylloxera proof rootstock.  Chile grew Phylloxera free and has never had the disease. Its carmeniere was exported from Bordeaux. Its grapes are how the Grands Vins de Bordeaux once tasted.

A bit of a simplistic view there mutters, it ignores terroir and vinification itself.

Wine retard here, but would altitude have an impact? I presume Chile vineyards much higher than those in France. I have not evidence for this 

chile has a v long coastline m7, with plenty vineyards close to there

Limited knowledge on this.  Higher altitude can be better as the skins grow thicker due to the increase in sunlight.  Also, higher altitude keeps the vine cooler, they don’t like to get too hot or too cold.   One of the key things is drainage, vines need a lot of it as while they need water they don’t like their roots to be kept wet.

Theres some other advantages, soil isn’t as fertile so not as many leaves, because the roots have to struggle deep to extract everything they need. 

That said, Santiago itself is only 500metres which isn’t really altitude as such.  There is a mountain range (the Andes?) Which obviously gets much higher, not sure where the vineyards are though.

of the chaps I went to boarding school with the one running a winery in Chile and Trey from Phish are the two I would swap with, in that order ...

Buzz old bean I didn’t say it’s wine tasted like that , I was just noting that the grapes were not on post Phylloxera grafts. 

Yes I understand the important impact of the geology, aspect, altitude, harvest method, wine making process, casking and bottling etc but none of that was what I was getting at. 

Almaviva 2017 released today @ £624 for 6 bottles IB.

Get ye tae fuck Berry Bros. 

Rubbish, the Devil would, of course, have the best wine and food. It will cost you your immortal soul, but will be far tastier than the shitty bread and fish and insipid wine that Jesus serves. Who the fuck eats bread and fish for a meal anyway? Especially for a picnic. Fuck you, Jesus. 

I have this vision of the devil heading down to his budget cellar and banging his head each time he goes despite the mind your head sign and pipe lagging duct taped to the ceiling. 

"Where did you put the wine dear?"

"The wine I got in Tesco - it was get 20% off a case plus an extra £2 off a bottle?"

"Aldi!? The Devil doesn't shop in Aldi - that's the aetheist supermarket. I keep trying to ruin their lives with a row of really crappy random DIY and kids stuff taking up valuable shelf space that could be used for normal groceries, but the fuckers buy it!!

Please dear. That bastard Jesus is coming over again and I need this to tempt him (as well as those Lidl lamb shanks are delicious but from battery farmed lambs that have had a terrible life. HA HA HA!"

As a man united fan I am wary of highly r8d Chileans. 

I thinknthe wine form Stellenbosch is good. but it seems to have jumped in price