Canapes at legal shindigs - a survey

when you attend legal parties, how many canapés do you scoff on average? and how many glasses of booze?

Do you get completely hammered or have half a glass and leave as soon as decently possible?

I try not to attend at all.  if forced I will avoid champs and have a beer (there is always beer stashed away). my fave canapes are mini yorkies with rare roast beef and a dash of horseradish.  if they have them I'll consume a baleen whale amount.

Each, Abs.

Wango - I like those as well, but I miss old fashioned canapés like mushroom in a mini vol au vent.

I don't like this fashion for mini plates and bows.  I like tiny bite sized.

Judo no1 has "supper" outside one of ur mitford fascist memoirs

Oh I am reading a new fascist novel at the mo.  it is called After the Party by Cressida Connolly (I think).  The main character has just been to a dinner with Oswald Moseley.


When I organise these things I allow 8-10 canapes per person and at least half a bottle of wine each. Oh, and canapes have to be one bite and no sticks or spoons or dips.


Went to one last night. Got hammered. Probably ate about 15 canapes.

I only eat kale and usually drink one liquid nitrogen. 

I don't know how anyone can do a networking reception sober. Surely the whole point of going is to get free food and drink?

Clearly no one attempts these things sober, but there has to be a limit and the complete stranger to me bloke in his 50s who (completely uninvited, I wasn’t even talking to him at the time) attempted to demonstrate how flexible he was the other day at an event by putting his foot on the bar was probably over that limit.

Hang about, that wasn’t you was it dux?

I did this year's IBA in Rome sober.  The toga party sober was interesting...


I got to the point where I was invited/forced to attend so many of these that I probably didn't need to buy food or booze from halfway through November until the new year.  Sod them, they're a bore but when you half five evening Dos and three lunchtimes a week you just cannot have a drink or eat much at all of them.

If I could get away with it and it was in good company I'd have a few drinks, but normally I avoided it and went to the pub afterwards with one or two select other breakaways.  The exceptions being the few that involve curry, beer and sometimes rugby, those were usually a big night.  One of the banks in particular sponsored a really good one of those and I was always happy to accept that one.

The usual rule, turn up early, be seen, a glass of wine and leave early.

i'm a member of a german speaking ski club.


they end every meeting with a triple "ski heil". which essentially means everybody suddenly standing up and shouting "SCHI HEIL SCHI HEIL SCHI HEIL" (and prolly having another shot).


it's always amusing when a Brit comes along for the first time.  particular chaps who grew up reading commando magazine/watching the great escape etc.  seeing their horror as they think all the traditionally dressed german speakers suddenly appear to be shouting "sieg heil".

I'm presuming that they don't actually do that in Germany Clubbers where it's probably illegal but reserve that for trips to Switzerland or Austria where it's encouraged if not compulsory?

the more u find out about skiing, the shytter it sounds

Not to mention the expense, the ruinous expense!

Junior strutter number 2 recently came back with details of the proposed school ski trip to Colarado.  Oy gevalt!

buy the kid a sk8board.  u can get them at the dump for about 3 quid

'Being seen' is always good Dux. Staying late,  getting pissed and being shouty generally isn't.

No-one ever went to their grave wishing they'd "been seen" more.

Apart from cyclists who undertake lorries just before they turn left at junctions 

Or people who don’t know they have massively aggressive cancers trying to get a GP appointment about an stomach ache they have that won’t go away.

You’ll get him confused chambo - that’s what his nanny used to call his little duck pellets

Heh @ this thread. Some proper laughs.

If it's an event I have to attend I'll do the polite thing, one drink and leave. 

If it's one I want to attend, because loads of people I like will be there, I'll usually have a couple of drinks, alternated with sparkling water. I'll eat a few canapés, but I don't fill up on them. 

I'm not a big drinker so I've never embarrassed myself at a professional function.

Well, not because of drunkenness...

went to a Chambers opening do once. Generally, it was a civilised do. I had run into my training partner (going back 15 years at this point). One of the barristers was utterly sh1tfaced, came over, ranted at us, dropped her wine glass, sat on the floor.

Not a good look.

in about 1998 i was at an intern drinks - it was two firms coming together so they thought it would be fun to bring the two sets of interns together,.

it ended up with the police being called.

Depends who's there.  If there are some decent people who are up for a few drinks then I'll stay and have a few.  If I haven't found anyone I'm enjoying talking to after half an hour then I'll just leave.

Shooty, that sounds fairly par for Counsel. Who was it?

I would always tend to stay for a decent amount of time - beyond the minimum, and try to stay on beers if available as the talking makes me thirsty. You can usually find a happy band of people who want to escape to the pub at the requisite point (not quite a full sheet to the wind, but definitely loose and with a reasonable amount of canapes as ballast). Then have a good night.