Boobs/moobs on screen please
Rufus Youngblood 12 Jun 19 14:24
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The door is slightly ajar m9s.  There's a glimmer of hope for an escape.  Send me good vibes for tomorrow please!


I shall sploosh the nads against the iPad for you old bean.


*that was the mighty strutter love mallet being hefted onto the keyboard*

Presumably the keyboard in question being three desks away.

Three desks away and currently having what are now its dozen or so parts swept up.

Thanks all!  Although that's possibly an image of strutter I didn't really need.  But hey, if it brings luck to me as it doubtless has to so many others, that's a good omen.

Buddy I didn’t know you were banged up! we could have all written to you, but good work on the planned escape! #swag

Thanks all.  Think I gave it my best shot, so as the Germans would say, die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.




Can I uncross my love spuds now?   They're starting to ache and they've gone a curious crimson colour.

Thanks Badders.  Please let the spunkbunkers roam free...

Stage 4 of 5, and been remarkably quick so far. Hopefully the agony won't be too prolonged.  

And hey if it doesn't work out, there's always next time.






(not saying I won't want to get drunk and smash something of course.) 

Yes, but domestically (within the Rufus fatherland).

They were most keen to know how I could handle that. Apparently a lot of their new hires find it tough.   FFS, I have moved (properly, not just in the same region) 25+ times in my life.  Of which more than  have been between between continents.



The magic of Rof.  Now shit gets real, so no real-time updates.  But a gentle application of genitalia from time to time over the coming weeks would be appreciated.

Another victory for the strutter love mallet.

Is there anything that it can’t do?

Thanks all.


Fingers (and other things) crossed.