Bob Hawke has died

He was as famous for skulling for a beer as he was for Medicare.

Wonder if this will have any impact on the election?

It's a sombre reminder of the pygmies we're governed by these days.  

The radio is running retrospectives.  It's also sad and nostalgic to be reminded of a time before we were all so fucking woke, scared to express an opinion and terrified of social media outrage.

Golden era

Paul Keating, Alan Bond, Kerry Packer, America's Cup 

Rufus the current state of Australian politics is depressing. I agree with Keating: Peter Dutton has a 'dark political heart' which needs a stake driven through it and I don't like Scott Morrison. They are all fake but his fake blokeiness makes me cringe. 

Our politicians seem to be dividing far left and far right and it's those idiots who get the airplay because they sell copy in soundbites. Labor actually looks like the middle nowadays.

I literally can't pick what will happen on Saturday. I'm really hoping the Greens get a few more Senate seats - I can't bear Sarah Hanson-Young but Richard Di Natale is a good egg. They need to kick the Adami mine project to the kerb.

God I could go on but I won't.


Bernstein - it was a golden era, (not that crook Bond though), plus I was a kid/teenager during the Hawke/Keating years and life was good.


that's a shame! who is gonna do the BT adverts now?

I'd like to see SHY take a fall.  I'll be relying on you to play your part!

I'm disappointed there's no Monster Racing Loony Party to at least bring some comedy to the polling booth. My electorate is safe Labor anyway but hey, at least I'll get a sausage for turning up.

How come Oz uses the American spelling of Labor rather than the British?

Is this the same with colour?


I'm assuming Monster Racing Loony Party is a typo rather than a pale imitation of the real thing.

I was in Freemantle in January 1987 working at the Americas Cup. Australia was so proud of itself. Perth was absolutely shaking with enthusiasm about itself and Australia was strong and refreshingly unstuffy.

Bob Hawke had a lot to do with that, whatever you thought of his politics.  One of a breed of leaders of the time who was prepared to take on the big battles and had the political momentum to see it through.  He also had the ability to talk to all people so could take on a room of bureaucrats and of union shop stewards alike. What an extraordinary time it was. Reagan, Thatcher, Gorbachev....

Well, good news travels fast it seems
and it wasn't very long
before Mick got this midnight phonecall
from Ben Lexcen and Alan Bond
they said, 'Mick we've got this specialist job,
and we're prepared to pay ya',
Mick, old son, would you consider farting for Australia?'

We'll just prop you on our brand new yacht,
when there's no sea-breeze blowing
and get Mick the master farter to start her
and keep the bastard going

So Mick went into training
on sausage rolls and pies
and Vegemite and Fosters beer
and a scholarship from Heinz


I know nostalgia ain't what it used to be Mutters, but yeah those were the days.  

Today the hand-wringing, trepidation, self-loathing and hypersensitivity is utterly stultifying.

Coracle, it's a peculiarity of the Labor Party.  In no other context is the American spelling used.

Never glad, confident morning again 

And Bondy was part of the excitement 

Cheers Rufus. Seems on further investigation it was the fault of a Yank, King O'Malley, who moved down under to escape embezzlement charges and referred to himself as variously as the "First Bishop of the Waterlily Rock Bound Church, the Red Skin Temple of the Cayuse Nation" and the "bald headed Eagle from the Rocky Mountains" and his opponents as "diabolical rapscallions".

He was clearly a wrong'un as he tried to ban alcohol.