The Beatles Get Back

Has this been done on here?

Why did they sit on this for 50 years? It’s superb. Instantly one of the greatest music films. 

And what a tonic for our times. Just as that era recedes in a mire of hatred and misplaced embarrassment here is the greatest band creating before our very eyes. What an inspiration. 

I think the unedited footage has always been knocking around but it's the first time it's been edited by someone as capable as Peter Jackson.

literally just said it feels like an honour to watch this. its staggering.

I was worried this might be shite. Consensus seems it’s dead good. Excited to watch it now. It’s only on Disney Plus, right? 

It is the closest I have experienced to a time machine where you could go to a particular place and moment in history.  Mesmerising.


The insight into the song writing process is extraordinary. Particularly the way Get Back came together ...

The likes of Petridish are all the more absurd given the endless box set dramas that infest telly with gratuitously created content when here is a historic artefact we are lucky to have so much of. Has Kitty Empire also slagged it? What about Jude Rogers? These people are cretins.

What struck me about it was that McCartney rather than Lennon seems to be at least at that time  the real driving force for the songs they were credited with jointly 

Erm, they were credited jointly on all their songs, it was what they agreed, irrespective of input. It’s a thing. Look it up. Lennon was disengaged initially in that project because of Yoko but he got into it. History says Macca was bad to George but in fact that’s an exaggeration. Plus the music is pouring out of him. It’s a stunning record of that era.

Yes I know that Ooffer - what did I say that suggests I didn’t?

McCartney comes across very well. 


It is aimless, but that's the charm. 

I do always wonder how much more can be mined from the Beatles.


Will there still be remasters, unseen footage etc comng out in 2349?

Wasn't Lennon disengaged because he was, at this time, a total smackhead?

I might subscribe to D+ for a month over xmas to watch this

I think he was.  He was already singing about being a junkie on the White Album

I'm a bit ambivalent about the Beatles' music - I love some songs but really dislike others (most of which are McCartney's) but I do love a good music documentary. 

If you get bored there's always the Lion King and Snow White to look forward too. 

fookinh weird how yoko just sits there.

George obvs thought macca a cock. he's right

Yoko had some neck. Macca made it all happen. But you’ve got to love them all, really. 

Zero imagine if you were offered the opportunity to travel back in time for 7 hours to hang out invisibly with the Beatles while they wrote songs.  If you think that would be a waste of 7 hours of your life than this film will be, if not, it won’t.

it's weird as fook how it seems as though we are witnessing history as it happens.

I don't even like the beatles but it's mesmeric

I'm not a massive Beatles fan, but it is incredible what they produced in such a short time while they were all in their twenties.

The progression in their music is also incredible. Don't like early Beatles stuff, but some of the later stuff is brilliant. Tomorrow Never Knows would sound innovative today.