A “be nice to Chill” thread

He’s taken a bit of a hammering over the last couple of nights and yes I’ve been doing a lot of the winding up myself but I thought it would be nice to round things off with a thread to say what you like about him.

Although we disagree on almost everything, unlike many on his side of the trans debate he does try to engage with questions*, reply to posters and keep it civil (most of the time).

Rof would be a poorer place without him.


*I deliberately chose “engage with” rather than “answer” to make the statement less controversial.

Everyone should be nice to each other.

Unfortunately this place has been taken over by a bunch of thin skinned bullies who go round stalking people with different views to them so they can abuse them without moderation.

The owners of this site don't even bother weeding out hate speech and racism any more. 

so asking most people who post on here to be nice to anyone is like asking for unicorn 


heh this is very sweet jim, appreciated


i have replied to you on t’other thread but will drop all the trans discourse for this evening