Banning of the Deliveroo advert
PerfidiousPorpoise 12 Sep 19 09:56
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Seems an overreaction to me.

Even if it were "misleading", it's not as if the consumers were duped into spending money. They found out that rather than being able to deliver to an astronaut in space, Deliveroo couldn't deliver into their corner of the country. So we're banning the advert to protect people from what, disappointment?

It is also unfathomable that any advert of this kind would NOT oversimplify how convenient and far-reaching the service is. What exactly is the line that was crossed? "Oh, if the advert hadn't shown delivery to an escaped convict or to an astronaut, then people wouldn't have assumed it delivers everywhere in the UK"??

The first point makes no sense. If it's misleading, it's misleading. It doesn't matter whether people spent money or not.

I tend to agree on the latter point though. Adverts need some dramatic licence.

Either people need to be protected from their own stupidity or they don't.

If they do, I don't think banning Deliveroo adverts is the highest priority.

The ASA is completely pointless anyway. Everything is completely retrospective. 

The complainers should be glad they live in an area where the takeaways are so good they have enough work to keep a driver occupied rather than getting slowly delivered cold food from a 1 star food hygiene dark kitchen. 

I’m going to complain to the ASA about the fact that if I use lynx Deodorant I don’t have gorgeous women falling out of the sky at my feet.

I agree about the dramatic license bit.

I complained to the ASA as I did the Shake and Vac and didn't get any freshness back, just an overpowering artificial flower smell. Also this toasted rice cereal only pops, and I drank some Red Bull and am still a tired 40 year old has been doing the same thing I did before I drank it, just slightly more awake.