Back in the bridge for a wedding
Wang's Upon a Time 20 Jul 19 18:36
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Fck me it's busy with tourists.

All of china seems to be here

One very different thing was all the canoeists on the cam (Grantchester side of the weir).  There were loads of young lads arsing about and falling in.  When I was there you were told to avoid going in the water cos you'd get weil's disease - has this changed?  It did look very clean and full of fish.

I'd have thought that whether it's clean or not would make bugger all difference to the chnaces of getting Weil's disease. We were told the same thing about the Thames as it flows through Oxford which was a bit of a worry if your chosen sport involved having all the skin ripped off your palms and getting soaked in river water 5 times a week.

I remember my m7 Dave "falling" in during the traditional FA Cup day preloading punting.*  

He got this weird red mark on his toe that quickly started spreading up his leg like something out of a marvel movie and had to go directly to Addenbrookes where they sent him to the infectious diseases wing (think that hospital scene from ET).   They made him poo in a box.

The rest of us thoroughly enjoyed the trip because Dave's Mrs jumped in after him and spent the rest of the journey back in what can only be described as a wet t-shirt.  Dead heat in a zeppelin race.

* I didn't push him, I was the puntsman**

**Think we were drinking hoffmeister

Heh.  Lady rower m6 of mine got something similar.  Red blotch which started tracking up her arm, spent a few days in hozza on an antibiotic drip.

Best accidental uni titsoot moment was at one of the summer balls when my m6's GF (now his wife) was in one of those human gyroscope things.  It stopped with her upside down and he (massive knockaz) fell out of her ballgown.  IIRC it took some time before anyone was kind enough to turn her the right way round.