Answering the door

A thread inspired by Ebit, vuvu and the police.

When your doorbell rings do you:

(a) simply answer the door to find out who's there;

(b) sneakily look out of a window by the door to see who's there before deciding whether or not to answer;

(c) ask them to identify themselves then decide whether or not to answer the door;

(d) live in a flat with an intercom so you know who it is before they get to your door.

Personally (a).  There was an old guy down the road who'd do (b) and you'd see the net curtain at the window by the door twitch before the door opened.

a. Although Red is usually first at the door, followed by a our tail wagging dog looking for pets.

(A) unless it's after dark and I'm home alone and not expecting anyone, in which case I look out of upstairs window 

I always answer the door.  I have a samurai sword in the brolly basket so am less bothered by potential psychos

Driven by a pure and simple hatred of Hermes drivers ALWAYS (a)


*and breathe*

A. If it is a burglar or murderer they are in for an unexpected shock when they see me in my old boxers with holes in. 

usually a. unless I am not expecting anything/anyone and really don’t feel like talking to anyone in which case I just ignore it

hardly ever answer it tbh. if expected guests I will otherwise fook that

These days I've got an intercom on the front gate so generally if they've made it to the door I've already seen them on camera and checked them out.  However, some delivery men seem to find it easier to climb over the fence and ring the doorbell for some reason.

This is London,... It's not someone with cake. Unless that cake is made of dog poo and knives!

I look out the looking hole thing 

doesn't everyone have one of these these days?

no one ever knocks at my door except delivery drivers or the post lady


A because it is, 99 per cent of the time,  a parcel.

To have been properly inspired by Ebitda, the heading to the post should have been, "When your doorbell rinds, do you bother to answer it or do you assume of important they will ring again.  What do you say and do you that I should just go to Wetherspoons and stand outside"

Rarely, unless I'm expecting someone, or something I have to sign for. Deliveries can go behind the bins, Amazon know that.

Similar with phone calls. If I don't know the caller, they can leave a voicemail.

Out here I will just open the door. It isn't locked when we are at home anyway. 

In London we have an intercom/camera but I don't bother to use it most of the time. I just open the door. Mrs CC uses it if she is there home alone at night. 

A. Sometimes B if it is after dark and I’m not expecting anyone.