Am I being too much of a Luddite
PerfidiousPorpoise 11 Feb 19 14:28
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for resisting downloading WhatsApp?

(It's not really a tech issue; I just don't want to be too easily reachable by certain family members that I'll have to add as contacts.)

You’d not be any more “reachable” than on text message. It would let them know when you read their messages, but you can switch that feature off if you want.

For me its more like email, as I'm on WiFi most of the time. Can be useful and you can always ignore messages. Probably cheaper too.

Ignore it - the whole thing will go away.

Just the other day the junior strutters were telling me that facebook is dead, so I feel vindicated in having had nothing to do with it. 

I wouldn't be pressured to do videochats with them?

It isn’t for video messaging. You are confusing it with Skype and FaceTime.

I thought you could make calls via WiFi with WhatsApp.

And there’s 2 more things that I don’t do and the world hasn’t ended yet.

You can, but I don’t think you can do video calls. And it’s not reporting your whereabouts - if your family call you on it you can just ignore/decline like with a regular call.

Ok, but my point stands about being able to decline them 

On iPhone, go to Settings - Privacy - Read Receipts and turn off. 


If you do that you can't see it for other people either (even if they have it enabled).