AirBnB managers

Does anyone recommend any managers for AirBnB in London? I.e. someone who will manage the letting and deal with tenants etc.

If you want a fully managed service who deal with marketing, bookings, check ins, cleaning, etc. then Under The Doormat which is a run by a friend of mine.  If you just want someone to deal with check in and check out and bits then you're looking at Air Sorted or similar.

I've been using BnBBuddy for my place in Edinburgh while I'm away. I think they also do London.

I had my flat on Hostmaker for years. They were excellent (although 20% of gross rent is not cheap). Founder is ex Linklaters lawyer (and friend of a friend) although I think they are pretty big now so you won't be dealing with the founders. 

I know someone who uses hostmaker. He's in the flat 3 nights / week and it's rented the rest. They take photos of where he left his toothbrush etc so it's all put back exactly as he left it.

If you can get a reliable cleaner/housekeeper then I would use them rather than one of these agencies as they take a massive cut on top of your AirBnB earnings and their cleaning bills are not cheap as they charge quite a lot for laundry. If it is one flat it is pretty easy to manage the bookings yourself after you are over the initial flurry when it first goes on and you can manage access with a smart lock or lockbox with the cleaner on standby to come if something goes wrong. We charge enough for cleaning to pay our cleaner's costs. 

They are also more punchy with the quality of guest as their goal is just to fill it, and in London to get round the 90 day restriction they put it on with e.g. and Expedia that offer no ability to screen so you are reliant on insurance as your protection. 

I'd only use someone like this if I didn't live anywhere near the location or was away for an extended period. If it is just filling the flat when you are away I'd self-manage.