148 lashes for woman lawyer

We should not be so arrogant as to think we have nothing to learn from these so called more primitive countries 


Be careful what you wish for Tarquin. I hear these countries treat their village idiots harshly.

I am sure Johnson and Trump are thinking about this right now on how to mould the society further to their aspirations. 

148 lashes? How does she even close her eyes? I only recommend wearing one set on each eyelid for maximum eye fluttering abilities.

Strange, the Iranians one gets to meet tend to be far far away from this bullshit

Funnily enough I once had an Iranian landlord who spoke no English 

And I spoke no Farsi

We conversed in halting  German 

You would have to be quite odd to get yourself into a position where 148 lashes (which could easily be a death sentence if applied harshly or on one occasion) is a good idea.  

Had trouble over word for eaves, cornices, stopcocks etc