US firm Thompson & Knight has fired an employee who implied that he might embark on a shooting spree if Whole Foods insisted he had to wear a mask to go shopping.

Kevin Bain, who was the admin manager of the firm's Dallas office, wrote on Facebook that "any business that tells me to put on a mask (Whole Foods on Lomo Alto) in Dallas will get told to kiss my Corona ass".

"It's time to stop this BULLSHIT", demanded Bain. "Do I have to show the lame security guard outside of a ghetto store my CV19 test results?" 

"I will show him my Glock 21 shooting range results", offered the fuming moron. "With Hornady hollow points. Pricey ammo, but worth it in this situation".

Implying he was ready to take extreme measures to enforce his right to cough a deadly virus at overpriced sourdough and olives, Bain wrote, "They have reached the limit. I have more power than they do.....they just don't know it yet".


The firm said it fired Bain the same afternoon it became aware of his comments, which appeared days after three people were charged with murdering a shop security guard in Michigan because he told one of them to wear a mask.


Seems perfectly REASONABLE

"This post is a complete violation of the values of our Firm, including our commitment to the health and safety of the communities we serve", said the firm, which added that it had alerted the authorities.

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Anonymous 15 May 20 09:22

Ok boomer.


Facebook 🤣 - how 2007.

Lee Harvey Oswald 15 May 20 16:21

We need to see his shooting range results before we can judge how much of a threat he represents. 

“look at this, you federal government shill!”

“Sir you missed everything”


Charlton Heston's merkin 15 May 20 19:00

Violation of our values?  Nonsense.

They sacked him because he's got anger issues and a firearm.

Shame they couldn't say it.

Anonymous 16 May 20 13:38

The firm said it fired Bain the same afternoon it became aware of his comments

I bet they did.

Would any of you want to work with him once you found out about it?  I'd be scared to ask for more staples or a different colour highlighter.

Major General Robert Ross 16 May 20 23:49

Who's up for burning down the White House, 1814 style? Our American cousins are clearly in need of some decent tea.

I've got all the common sense and you have none 18 May 20 08:58

@ VinegarDrunkard 16 May 20 12:50

What do you think he should sue them for?

Anonymous 18 May 20 22:11

I am suprised they didn't move him to their debt collections department...

A level law student 19 May 20 09:02

@ VinegarDrunkard

His employment was not terminated because he owns a gun.

His contract was terminated because he made an inappropriate post on social media and in so doing violated the terms of his employment.

If you have clients I wish them the best of luck.

Karen the hypergamy queen 19 May 20 23:04

Is this what red pill incel dude-bros become when they grow up?

He doesn't have a gun.  More likely he spends all his time and money on vegan food and his Only Fans account.

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