South Korea's Supreme Court has refused to allow an adulterous husband a divorce, even though he left his wife 15 years ago and is living with another woman.

Mr Baek filed for divorce in 2011. He had separated from his wife in 2000 and has since been living with another woman with whom he has had another child.  Baek's case for divorce was rejected by South Korea's lower courts, but Baek challenged the rulings and took the matter all the way to the country's top court.

The Supreme Court justices ruled against Baek's request with a seven-to-six majority.  The court deemed that permitting the divorce would leave Baek's wife and their three children without financial support. The court was reaffirming the South Koren law that someone who is responsible for the breakdown of a marriage can be barred from filing for divorce. It is not known whether Baek will also have to take his estranged wife for an awkward meal on their wedding anniversary.

  Baek is still part of the family. How it might look.
In February this year, South Korea’s Constitutional Court ruled that it would decriminalise adultery, which had previously been a jailable offence.
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