Weightmans Radcliffes LeBrasseur

Weight-man is hungry 

Weightmans is set to merge with Radcliffes LeBrasseur this spring. 

However, it appears that Radcliffes LeBrasseur will be swallowed up by Weightmans, as it doesn't even get a place on the letterhead. The new firm is to be called (drumroll...) Weightmans LLP, hinting to it being a merger in name only.


ROF - first out of the traps to break the news on Wednesday

Weightmans, headquartered in Liverpool, is by far the far the weightier party, with around 1,300 staff and 187 partners, while Radcliffes LeBrasseur has around 150 staff and about 42 partners. Turnover at Weightmans in the last recorded financial year was £103.4 million, compared to Radcliffes LeBrasseur's turnover of £17.2 million.

The two firms confirmed in a joint statement, that they are in "formal contract negotiations" with an aim to merge at the end of March 2022. 

Radcliffes LeBrasseur

"Formal contract negotiations" in action - redact John Alexander Radcliffe and Robert Le Brasseur.

The joint-statement said that the new firm will have 225 partners with a total headcount of over 1400 people, which will "create a leading UK practice in healthcare".  And the two firms also waxed lyrical, in the usual pre-merger spiel, about the "number of synergies in respect of clients and sectors" and "a passionate commitment to achieving the highest standards in delivering legal services to their clients," and so on, and so forth, as Weightmans' stomach rumbled. 

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Anonymous 14 January 22 09:16

Fatchapz is on a roll.

This is much better than the Watson Burton deal, because it might actually improve the quality of the firm. 

Twisted 14 January 22 09:56

It's a decent move for both but I still find myself wanting to take the piss. I need tor reflect on that.

City Lawyer it is 14 January 22 11:29

This is a good merger for both firms I think - for different reasons 

The key will be what they do post merger as always but could be very interesting ....

Anonymous 14 January 22 11:51

There are two mergers here 

One of the wider firm and then the London merger - the latter is dominated by Radcliffes so I wouldn't say this is Radcliffes being swallowed up......

Radcliffes have a big reputation in London and I suspect their modus is investment and infrastructure - which is behind many of the big mergers atm

I would imagine that the clients that Radcliffes has in their now healthcare arms are very different to the regional clients and I doubt the new firm will want to jeopardise that position.....

Robert Le Brasseur 14 January 22 12:40

Weightmans? Pah.  Le Brasseur J Tickle is a fabulous name and should be exhumed for the new entity. 

Tickle 14 January 22 12:48

Standards at RoF have plummeted. This is an article about law firm names yet it completely fails to mention that many moons ago Radcliffes Le Brasseur was in fact Le Brasseur J Tickle, which is probably the best genuine name for a law firm ever. 

Mark 14 January 22 13:58

Sorry to see a fab name disappear, but as others have commented, it was never the same once the Tickle disappeared:(

Disgruntled 14 January 22 14:36

Oh the reason for the merger?

it is because the managing partner is desperate to make his mark before retiring. He’s desperate to be in the Top 20/30 (all a number really). Because the firm does not support any organic growth the only way to do this is by bolting on other practices.

the rumours always were that the managing partner promised the board he would get them into top 20/30 by his retirement. This is a desperate attempt to raise turnover.

Deep down the firm is made of straw…. Lots of leavers

Anonymous 14 January 22 19:33

Not sure many NHS Trusts will be happy to see Weightmans representing individual healthcare staff via their professional defence service

Anthony (obiter) 15 January 22 00:43

As someone who worked for Radcliffes for many many years prior to retirement I cannot understand the negative comment above from 'disgruntled' and can only think that there are some disgruntled minorities out there; either that or I was living in a bubble for 20  years! This certainly does not represent the firm that I know.

Radcliffes is, and was, a great place to be - I cannot comment on the merger because I am no longer involved, so will only comment on what I know. However, I still know the firm very well and everyone I would suggest who knows the firm would know that it has a very good and very long standing reputation. Many of the staff and partners trained at the firm and many have been with the firm for decades. You do not see that (nor indeed a 170 year history) in a firm that is made of straw, I would respectfully suggest. I shall now return to my retirement. Anon 

Anthony (obiter) 15 January 22 01:15

*Actually....on re reading I believe 'disgruntled may have been referencing Weightmans. Therefore, my comments may be superfluous as I have no knowledge! 

I understood that reference 15 January 22 10:44

Tickel. He was called Tickel. We drove a form to it's death, we are responsible for this...

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