A US firm is tackling the threat of morbid obesity that comes from slouching in front of a computer or being American by giving its lawyers treadmill desks.

Ohio firm Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP is testing the contraptions with two partners, while the rest of the staff get to share another two in a communal area*. Partner Mary Rust told Cincinnati.com that she uses her treadmill desk for between one and four hours a day. "There’s very little time in the day that I can’t spend on here" she enthused, apparently delighted to spends so long in the office that she has to get in a hamster wheel to prevent muscle atrophy.

    A Taft lawyer losing pounds and earning dollars

As part of the firm's "corporate wellness programme" Taft has also cancelled doughnut Fridays and replaced them with "healthful snack Fridays". A handful of seeds may be less deliciousful than a doughgasm, but as over half of Ohioan adults are predicted to be obese by 2018 it's probably a case of birdfood today or a heavy-duty commode lift sling tomorrow.

Beth Silvers, Taft’s chief personnel officer, reckons fit employees make better workers. "I think it just makes sense on every level" she said as a sweaty blob tried to heave itself out of a chair next to her before slumping back, defeated. "Healthy, happy people produce higher quality work and higher quality client service."

The treadmill desk is available in the UK for as little as £1500.

*translation: now they've put work in the gym.
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Anonymous 09 August 13 12:16

In other news, personal injury related claims from Ohioan lawyers falling off treadmills and strangling themselves on phone chords is expected to rise by 1000%. Anyone heard of running in to or out of the office?