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On pay, a Clifford Chance associate said it "always feels like a privilege" to work at CC, "one of the best law firms in the world at the moment". At a presentation earlier this year, however, management "tried to present us as well paid relative to firms such as Norton Rose", which didn't go down well with everyone.  A trainee at Freshfields said the pay was "fine", but when the expectation "is to get beasted every day" and "lose the best years of my life to the partner's take-home equity payout, I sometimes think I should have just bit the bullet and gone to a US firm".

But a Clifford Chance partner had advice for all money-hungry Magic Circlers: "The Americans pay you more for working for them, but you also pay a higher price for working for the Americans".

On career development, an associate at BLM said the firm "can't compete with the local corner shop for career prospects, business acumen, or salary". At Gordon Dadds, said an NQ, "there is no point in progressing because even the partners make fuck-all". In his considered opinion, the management were "[unprintable] but they're very smart. They also made a shitload out of the float".

A 3PQE was more positive on careers at Kirkland & Ellis, commenting simply "Partner at 6 years". Whereas a female associate at Shoosmiths complained, "I don't think I'll ever be pretty enough to satisfy the promotion criteria of this joint".

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At Trowers & Hamlins, said a proud partner, the firm "puts a lot of effort into training and, having come up through the ranks, I would say that the career development path is transparent". A Trowers NQ suggested, "Compensation should be higher to counteract the shame of working here".

Work/life balance is so good in some Eversheds practices, said an associate, that a colleague in employment began crying "because they had to do a call with a client on a Sunday morning once". At the Leeds office of former Golden Turd Plexus it's "4pm and out thank you very much". While at Debevoise & Plimpton, "hours are brutal and a facetime culiture seems to be increasing since a major HR change this year".

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