12 June 2014
The University of Roehampton is establishing an undergraduate law degree, just in time to take advantage of the collapse in legal graduate recruitment in the City.

Giles Proctor has been hired to head the new law school at the University (famous for such alumni as Danielle Perez, the former Miss Gibraltar, and thuggish footballer Joey Barton), the Lawyer reports. Proctor was head of Kaplan, which last month abandoned its BPTC. In fact rather a lot of law schools seem to have faced some difficulties recently. The National College of Legal Training cancelled its GDL and LPC, as did Plymouth, as did Anglia Ruskin. Even the University of Law had to admit that it's seen a decline in the number of students on its courses.

So it's not clear why students would flock to a reasonable but hardly outstanding university (national ranking - 109th) to pay the thick end of £9,000 a year for an untested degree in a depressed market. Something Roehampton has anticipated in the spiel on its website, which says the course "will prepare graduates for a range of legal careers including practising solicitors, barristers, clerks or any career which demands critical reasoning skills". Such as evaluating whether or not a customer would like fries.

  How it might look

The course launches next year. The university says that it will be a "high quality degree with first class employability prospects".
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Anonymous 13 Jun 14

I think you've overlooked one point: Roehampton's tie-in with online education agency, Laureate. It's not just the national LLB market they're likely to be looking at.

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