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The Pandemic Lawyer of the Week will be a bust for all but RollOnFriday's most puerile readers.

Tits Gulbis is a finance lawyer based in Latvia. Because networking platform LinkedIn refers to people by their first name, Gulbis' profile page is an oasis for Viz readers and the childish.

reach message

The invitation to Reach out to Tits was impossible to resist, but Tits did not respond.

Suffice to say, people like what he's got.

recomemnd gulbis

Tits joins the ranks of marvellous names in law. If you've spotted one, write in.

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Anon 16 October 20 09:26

Slightly grasping for straws for content there ROF.  He does have a bit of an unfortunate name but public shaming for it is a bit of a low blow.

Dick 16 October 20 09:36

Ignore the killjoys ROF. In my book it would be a low blow NOT to celebrate a lawyer called Tits. 

Just curious. 16 October 20 09:43

Would we mock the name of someone from the BAME community in this way based on their name. I would suggest probably not. 

Anonymous 16 October 20 10:11

There is a law firm in Schleswig Holstein which delights in the name Wanker-Hertrich und Mühlenbeck:

ShootyMcShootyface 16 October 20 10:15

Anonymous 16 October 20 09:44

Gutter press stuff.


... You must be new here.

Anonymous 16 October 20 10:47

Hehsome, but ultimately just a man from the Baltics who shortens his given name of "Titas" (I've met plenty chaps in Lithuania/Latvia with such a name) to "Tits". Certainly odd given he obviously knows what that means in English, but who cares.

Oscar Wilde 16 October 20 10:59

Anonymous 16 October 20 09:44

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the Tits.


Anonymous 16 October 20 12:39

If he meets another chap with the same first name would they be referred to as a..... ?

Anonymous 16 October 20 16:58

Can you imagine being on the other side of a deal from him?

’We’re going to have to try and squeeze Tits on this’

Fuming 19 October 20 21:18

ROFL this is bang out of order. Your mothers are hamsters and your fathers smell of elderberries


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