We’ve been sent some names of lawyers that deserve to be celebrated.

First, the delightfully named Cupcake Brown. And much like a vegetable character in a children's book there's Hugh Cumber at Five Stone Buildings

A less fortunate name on the letterhead is Shayne Strukoff at Gowling WLG.

Brookfield has an in-house lawyer called Justin Beber. Whilst at Orrick, there's Lisa Simpson

Who wouldn't want to share their name with the pop pipsqueek


As for law firms, you can follow the adventures of Rupert Bear Murray Davies.

Whilst Wright Hassell is well known, other dodgy firm names include Swindell & Pearson, Shaidy & Co and Tosswill & Co. Although Godloves Solicitors optimistically suggests that there's redemption for all.

Finally, Royds should be pumped to get a mention.

If you know any other excellent names in the legal profession, do add in the comments below, or let us know here.



Anonymous 24 June 16 12:42

Anon @ 18.33 yesterday. She's sadly dropped the "Osuch": http://www.hibberts.com/team/wanda-m-goodhead/

Anonymous 24 June 16 15:18

When I was a recruitment consultant i was consulted in consecutive weeks by:

1) Richard Stiff; and then
2) Richard Smellie

You couldn't make it up!

Anonymous 24 June 16 16:51

@anon 11.23 - I used to walk past Moon Beaver's front door (ooo err) quite often - and that's exactly the song I used to sing.

Anonymous 24 June 16 20:11

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen. They could only make room for two Allens in the URL: http://www.allenandallen.com/

Anonymous 21 June 16 16:45

Magic Circle firm A&O have Dirk Arts (http://www.allenovery.com/people/en-gb/Pages/Dirk-Arts.aspx) to help them in Brussels.

Anonymous 22 June 16 13:53

Barclays in-house legal negotiators always good value for this...

1) Wing Man at BarCap has married to lose her fantastic moniker. She's a "man" down.

2) Anil Bangar is often found hanging out the back of a deal.

Anonymous 22 June 16 18:59

Crispin Dick, formerly at Clifford Chance
Bernt Gach, formerly at Clifford Chance
Iwona Soltyszak, CC

Anonymous 22 June 16 23:51

A law school classmate established a firm in British Columbia named Gosh Fatt Wagstaffe. The permutations were greatly enjoyed by all three partners.

Anonymous 23 June 16 18:28

Worked with patent analyst Stephen Hite at Innography. His work email address abbreviated his name to shite@.....

Anonymous 23 June 16 19:33

An oldie, but a "goodie": http://solicitors.lawsociety.org.uk/person/274795/wanda-maria-osuch-goodhead