A US lawyer who was paid in oral sex has been suspended for a year.

Attorney David H Knight met the unidentified client at his Fioravanti & Knight offices after she was arrested and charged with drink driving. When she confessed that she couldn't afford his $1000 fee estimate, kindly Knight proposed an alternative felatio-based fee arrangement. She agreed, and Knight locked his door.

    How it might have looked

Knight acted for his client throughout her case although, predictably, unforeseen complications arose and he was therefore compelled to charge her twice more before the conclusion of the matter.

The justices sitting on Knight's tribunal recommended only a one year suspension as he had admitted culpability, expressed remorse and agreed not to make his embarrassed client's identity public. Knight has the dubious honour of being the first Ohio lawyer to be found guilty of trading legal work for sexual favours. He was also found guilty of not confirming his fee to his client in writing, thereby denying the world the best ever engagement letter.
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Anonymous 09 August 13 11:10

two of the oldest professions working closely together for mutual benefit....ah it nice to see a great client/lawyer realtionship working so well!!

Anonymous 09 August 13 14:20

Client has been, effectively, charged twice for what in essence is the same service.
B'doom tish!

Anonymous 09 August 13 19:52

The real question is whether you can recover these fees from the other side if you win.