Fees for many GDL, LPC and BPTC courses will rise above inflation for this year's intake of London-bound wannabe lawyers.

City Law School is bumping up the price of its GDL by a stonking 7%, although it still lags behind BPP on cost, Lawyer2B reports. A spokesman for City said "the fee for The City Law School’s GDL Programme reflects careful budgeting to ensure competitiveness in an economic climate which is increasingly rigorous for all...We continue to offer it at a fair price".

Everyone's favourite charity, The College of Law, has stung all students almost equally, with fees up at least 5% across the board. Head honcho Nigel Savage - taking a break from champagne and caviar - told RollOnFriday that it was a "question of value for money, and students come to the College knowing that they are getting the best possible start to their legal careers."

    A fat cat yesterday

Savage added that "the small percentage increase in the College’s course fees reflects our continuing commitment to investing in quality and excellence as well as rises in our overhead costs. We still remain good value for money compared with our main competitors". Although presumably its main competitors wouldn't have given their graduating GDL Moorgate students certificates showing 2009, rather than 2010. A spokeswoman for the CoL told RollOnFriday that the cock up, which occured last week, was an administrative error and that the College had "apologised to all those students affected and the correct certificates will be sent out straight away."

Meanwhile BPP - the newly-minted University College - has frozen GDL and LPC fees, only adding a marginal 2% to its already pricy BPTC (although it lags behind both City and Kaplan, the latter of which hasn't even run the course before but has still gone straight in at a punchy £15,000 for their offering). A spokesman for BPP said that the law school was "not immune to difficulties of the wider economy" and after a "very careful review continued to operate a fee structure which is realistic for students in the current market". So a somewhat different approach to City then...

Here are those 2010 London prices in full:

  2010 fees (£)
% Increase from 2009
No change
No change
No change
No change
No change
New course

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