A judge trying the horrifying case of Anders Breivik has been caught on camera using his court computer for strictly non-legal purposes.

There have been several previous examples of judges failing to pay attention to the case in hand, but this was particularly blatant. But what was it that Ernst Henning Eielsen was doing that was so urgent it couldn't wait until he got home?

 Watching a grumble flick?   Desperately changing his LinkedIn password?

Updating his Facebook status to "in court again lol"?   Playing solitaire?

The answer, of course, is playing solitaire. Well done.

Fans of Norwegian judicial proceedings will remember that this is the second time a judge in the Breivik case has been rumbled playing with computers. As the trial began, one of the judicial panel was found to have posted "The death penalty is the only just sentence in this case!!!!!!!!!!" on Facebook, leading to suggestions that over-use of the exclamation mark should be used as a test for lack of fitness for judicial office.

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Anonymous 08 June 12 16:38

Indeed - a terrible attempt. The Facebook page appears to be bleeding off the screen entirely. Not like ROF to be taken in so easily, surely...

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