A British lawyer has been arrested by US police and charged with violently assaulting his wife. He has issued a statement signed by her in which she says the allegations against him are false.

'DM', a partner at offshore firm Maples & Calder, was celebrating his 49th birthday with his wife in Miami when police were called to his hotel room.

Miami Beach officers arrested the private equity lawyer, who has been a partner at Maples and Calder for seven years, and charged him with aggravated battery causing great bodily harm. They also initially imposed a 'stay away' order forbidding him from approaching his wife.

In Florida, aggravated battery means the intentional striking of another person against their will which causes permanent disability, disfigurement or 'great bodily harm'. Great bodily harm is categorised as injuries which are not slight, minor or trivial and greater than bruises.


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After being contacted for comment, DM responded with a signed statement from his wife, marked as being issued from Grand Cayman. In it, 'JM' said the "allegations made by the City of Miami Beach Police Department against David are false".

"My injuries were not the result of any battery or violent acts that David committed against me", the statement affirmed. "I have never expressed to anyone, at any time, that David was the cause of my injuries, or that I was the victim of any wrong-doing on October 5, 2019".

She did not explain why Miami police arrested her husband, or how or from whom she did receive her injuries.

"David and I have been married for 14 wonderful years", she added. "We have never committed any acts of violence towards one another. I do not believe that David presents a threat of danger to either myself or anyone else". 

DM's arraignment hearing, where he will be formally charged, is set for April next year. In the meantime the partner, who works in the firm's Cayman Islands office, has appealed to be allowed to leave Florida.

Before joining Maples and Calder, DM was a partner at Walkers, another offshore firm, and before that he was an associate at Skadden. A source told RollOnFriday that Marshall was "so verbally abusive" towards IT support at one of his former firms that they compiled a CD of his "greatest hits" and "presented it to him as a Christmas gift".

Maples and Calder did not respond to a request for comment.

Note: On 23/11/20, ROF agreed at DM's request to obscure his name on the basis that charges were dropped.

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Maples Marketing Team 11 October 19 20:11

Please note, we are now referred to as Maples Group, and any reference to Maples and Calder should include the "and" not an ampersand.

Anonymous 13 October 19 19:33

Not according to this


Onshore lawyer 13 October 19 20:05

Consolidated under a single brand name but legally Maples and Calder is still the name of the law firm.

It is sad to see that Maples and Calder is no longer the offshore powerhouse it once was. So many second rate spivs in its ranks. Gone are the days when the quality of the firm was secured by its policy of only recruiting Oxbridge graduates. 

Anonymous 14 October 19 08:53

There's certainly evidence to support further investigation and support the charge here. The fact he was allegedly 'verbally abusive' towards IT support staff is neither here nor there though.

Former colleague of Marshall 15 October 19 21:08

I am pleased to say that the dreadful Marshall has resigned from Maples and Calder.

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