White & Case is the Mystic Meg of the week thanks to its prophetic work experience programme.

At the same time as the first cases of the novel coronavirus were being hushed up in Wuhan in November, White & Case launched a virtual work experience experience for UK students. 

Pre-empting a world where no-one can go anywhere except for a power walk round the block or Londis to fight over bread, the scheme offered anyone "the opportunity to gain first-hand insight into life as a White & Case trainee" from the comfort of their own home.

It also allowed them to "experience some of the realities of cross-border law", although not entirely accurately given the six hour course could "fit around the existing schedules that people have", rather than force them to cancel plans for a marathon data room beasting.

The only anachronistic element is the slideshow of video clips illustrating White & Case lawyers mingling at the office.








RollOnFriday wondered if the scheme was being expanded thanks to COVID-19. A spokesperson for White & Case said, "We’re continually looking at ways to enhance the programme for the benefit of people looking to enter the legal profession".

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Anonymous 27 March 20 09:52

I laughed at this reporting more than I should have.

Anonymous 27 March 20 11:51

Genuine lol at the IRL images. Top work.

Anonymous 28 March 20 17:50

Most of the people featured in the photos quit the London office last year.

W&C Anonymous 30 March 20 12:07

Anon 17:50 - lie. At least 4 / 8 from it are still in the firm (and 2 / 8 gone, yes). Have no idea who other 2 are though. Even if they left, does not make it "most".  

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