Trowers & Hamlins sent its HR Director to the Middle East to deal with the fallout after a paralegal was fired.

Mohammed Abdul-Haq, Trowers' International Managing Partner, personally sacked the paralegal after an investigation by the office’s head of HR.

But instead of going quietly, the paralegal made a claim for unfair dismissal. In a highly unusual move, HR director Paul Robinson was dispatched to the region last week to investigate.

A source told RollOnFriday that the paralegal caught two senior members of staff behaving inappropriately, and was fired when she complained about it.

But Senior Partner Jennie Gubbins told RollOnFriday that while the paralegal was dismissed and is suing, “her complaint does not allege that she caught anybody doing anything inappropriate”. Gubbins said the rumours passed to RollOnFriday were "wholly untrue". 


Almost immediately, Robinson identified areas for improvement.

A source also claimed that Gubbins, Managing Partner Adrian Carter and Paul Marco, the head of dispute resolution, were all flying over to deal with the issue as well. Gubbins rejected the claim and said "these are all long planned and routine visits".

They may involve hastily organising a promotion. RollOnFriday has learned that Youssef Boulos, the managing partner of the firm's Abu Dhabi office, has resigned to set up his own business. "It is intended that Youssef will move into a new part-time consultancy role with us in which we will be continuing to work with him on client relationship matters", confirmed Gubbins.

If you know more, please contact RollOnFriday in strictest confidence.

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all done 29 November 19 09:38

This wins the prize for this year's most far fetched rof story, knowing the place and the people. Total tosh. 

SecularJurist 29 November 19 15:28

She should have tried blackmail instead. Shame she didn't photograph the incident or video it.

Lebanese Flower 02 December 19 15:30

Nepotism and shaggery are rife at Trowers and the UAE offices are no exception. In my years as a partner in one of the UAE offices, I often quizzed the trainees (after they had had a few drinks) as to their links to the firm. I kid you not, every single one was the child of a client of the firm or a partner's God Child or some other tush. The trainee talent coming through is terrible as a result. The Paralegals are no different I guess. 

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