In the biggest legal news this week/year/decade, a Stewarts Law partner has disgusted his fellow commuters by picking his nose - and his ear - in public.

A source was seated next to the partner from the litigation specialist on a train from London last week. She told RollOnFriday he was "continuously picking his nose and rolling the bogies around in his fingers". Messaging ROF live, the tipster, also a solicitor, said, "Despite evil stares he is continuing to do this. I’ve had to move seats." 

She warned, "If you’re going to engage in this type of activity openly in public, don’t have your laptop wide open so that nosey members of the public can dob you in to RollOnFriday." 



A second lawyer who was also seated near the partner spotted him exploring another orifice: "He is now picking the inside of his EAR!" 

The acquisition of photographic evidence may have exposed RollOnFriday's travel correspondents. "Think he’s on to us", they wrote. "His hands have been firmly on the keyboard for some time now. Let’s just hope lawyers at Stewarts Law don’t share laptops".

A spokesman for Stewarts Law implored RollOnFriday not to reveal the destination of the train, because it would make it embarrassingly obvious to everyone in the firm who he is.

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