K&L Gates has been accused of turning a blind eye to multiple claims of sexual harassment against one of its lawyers.

RollOnFriday understands that at least four women have reported the senior lawyer to HR for inappropriate sexual behaviour amounting to sexual harassment. A source told RollOnFriday that two junior associates and two support staff of the US firm made official complaints to HR. The lawyer remains in position while all but one of the four known complainants has now left K&L Gates. 

One source who has since moved firm said she had "heard and seen first hand what they have had to put up with". She accused K&L Gates of pursuing a "policy of sweeping such complaints under the carpet, telling young, female associates and support staff to put up and shut up". She told RollOnFriday she resigned partly because of the firm's treatment of the allegations. "I couldn't stand to work in such an environment", she said, "and for an employer that had such disregard for the physical health and safety of its female staff".

    "It's disgusting. I have submitted my CV." 

In other sex-related K&L Gates news, Andrew Caulfield, a self-confessed don Juan who once wrote a book about his exploits, currently works in the firm's HR team. In "50! The Life, Loves & Psyche of a Male Mid-Life Crisis: Volume 1 - The Journey" (really. Read RollOnFriday's highlights here), Caulfield recalled "fulfilling fantasies about sexual activities in the office" with a secretary. He wrote that when his used condom was found in a wastepaper bin, the managing director "said it had caused some offence but no one had died (i.e. it wasn't a major offence in the grand scheme of life) so they should all move on with their lives". He also slammed hypocritical lawyers who criticised his lifestyle while "fucking their way through junior members of staff regularly".

K&L Gates did not respond to requests for comment. If you have a Harvey in your firm, let RollOnFriday know in strictest confidence. If you don't, maybe you are him.

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Anonymous 13 October 17 11:25

Sounds like Andrew will have plenty of material for volume 2. I for one can't wait to buy it for my whole family.

Anonymous 13 October 17 12:17

I fear there is probably a Weinstein in about 1 in 10 big firms. It needs to stop. I.e. the people need to stop, not the usually female victims to have to leave.

Anonymous 13 October 17 13:48

I was horrified to hear our female trainees tell me how law school teachers had told them that basically this kind of thing happens all the time and it is just something you have to put up with. So before they even get to the firm they are being told this will happen and there is zip you can do about it.

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